the Unit “Vityaz” recorded a depth of 10 028 meters.

MOSCOW, 8 June. /TASS/. Deep-sea Autonomous unit “Vityaz” during a dive to the bottom of the Mariana trench to measure the depth of the result on 1 thousand less than the figure set in 1957, the Soviet researchers. Also during the expedition, the machine opened a new trend, said in an interview with TASS Deputy General Director of the Foundation for advanced studies (FPI) Igor Denisov.

According to him, in the last century, at a given point of the Mariana trench worked the ship of the USSR Academy of Sciences “Vityaz”. “Our equipment was recorded in the 028 depth of 10 meters. And the ship of the Soviet era recorded a depth of 11 022 meters. This suggests that there is food for thought — whether the previous “knight” correctly measured the depth of, or have changed the very bottom. All of this is subject to interpretation and analysis,” said Denisov.

He stressed that currently available data, we can not say that accurately measured the maximum depth of the Mariana trench. The fact that the depth dimension occurs by deceleration of the speed of sound and depth is really different and depends on many hydrophysical parameters. “To say that we have a full view of the Mariana trench according to the data obtained from the seabed, is not necessary. This is a fairly active geological formation, and is subject to change”, — concluded the Deputy Director General of PEF.

said Denisov, during the ascent of the apparatus “Vityaz” took away from the intended point of exit to the surface. “The first ascent we “caught” the device is nine kilometers from the ship, although it was assumed that he will emerge closer. This suggests that there is a flow, still not described,” said Denisov.

Deep-sea drone “Vityaz” became the world’s first fully Autonomous unmanned underwater vehicle, has attained the deepest point of the oceans. During the first dive may 8, he was settled at the bottom of the Mariana trench pennant in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war.

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