In the suburbs of the compulsory wearing of masks in public places introduced in may 12. Perhaps the example of the Moscow region will be neighbors. Although, for example, in the Yaroslavl region (64 infected for a day, a record since the start of the pandemic), such a measure is hardly realistic to implement. The inhabitant of Yaroslavl Elena turned to the “MK” with a complaint that in their city in pharmacies is still a shortage of medical masks and antiseptics.

In other cities quarantine measures due to pandemic coronavirus are planning to relax, “she says,” and we are still no restrictions in connection with quarantine on themselves did not even feel it. People in the city as they went, and go – crowds of people on the streets. The cars as they go, and go. No permits no input. Almost all businesses work the same as before the announcement of the quarantine.

the Woman said that since the announcement of the quarantine, she never saw the police though someone is stopped on the street. No reinforced police outfits, she too never observed despite the fact that she is daily as before, goes to work in one of the enterprises of the city.

– what do you want?- outraged Helen. – We said won’t work, dismiss. So non-working days declared for the entire country, has not affected us. Small and medium businesses, too. They are after all salaries to men than it is necessary to pay.

However, Helen admitted that, despite the fact that the city is full of people, socially safe distance they are still trying to observe in the shops on the floor, pasted wall limiters, the number of visitors in pharmacies and other small spaces is limited. Local TV and radio constantly encouraged to respect older people and the elderly. They regularly remind you that you should stay home and out in town only when absolutely necessary. Local schoolchildren sit at home and learn remotely.

we will Remind, the Governor of the Yaroslavl region Dmitry Mironov has long worked in the Federal security service, and then held the post of Deputy Minister of internal Affairs. Local policy noted that because of the lack of experience in the Executive branch, he could not immediately take decisive action to prevent the spread of coronavirus.