In the coronavirus in Russia one can only believe. Deep, ancestral, mental contradictions torn country believed in a dangerous infection only when authorities have said that the pandemic is almost defeated. I went to a small home in Tambov, where the score of cases in the thousands, and tried to figure out why the people are silent. And why what is happening is different from what report.

From Moscow, my daughter went on the eve of the removal of the regime of self-isolation. In anticipation of the imminent release of the ring road was Packed with cars. Just in case, we stocked up passes, certificates from hospital, information about the fact that we have a magic antibody G – coronavirus acquired immunity.

I don’t know if we are the same cops, if we were to flaunt in front of them these same G?

I went to the city of my childhood, because very tired. Tired of hurting, tired of stew in a circle where everyone speaks only about how ill.

I was coming home, like Scarlett O’hara at Tara after the war, because there must be a place where safe and secure.

the heartland

At all times and disasters here in Tambov, was the heartland Pushkin’s wife was born nearby in the village Karian Stroganovo where her parents came to the evacuation in 1812, on the eve of the battle of Borodino. So it’s no surprise that in this region in 2020 rushed and many people to isolate themselves.

traffic police in the Volgograd highway was a lot. Almost every kilometer. Traffic cops stood in yellow vests with and without masks. However, why do they on fresh the air?

In the bathroom at the gas station a hundred kilometers from Moscow, people on the demonstration. Seven or eight in a booth. Also without masks. I stood with my daughter, I thought that even the G on that line, I don’t have, and drove on.

cafe on the road with a barbecue and homemade Lunches are closed. Work only a network of refueling with hot dogs.

But the closer to Tambov, the clearer you realize – now, freedom. Albeit with some limitations, which are known to be strict, but not legally binding in Russia.

We were warned in advance that all came from other regions in Tambov should be celebrated and embark on a 14-day quarantine.

But if you really do not want, in principle, can not do this. Nobody really checks. On the roads very often machines with Moscow numbers.

the Epidemiological situation in the Tambov has long remained relatively prosperous. How good is the environment the cause of it or that coming to the challenges the doctors are all ill diagnosed with SARS and were not referred for CT scan – nothing.

“Zero patient” who had returned from tours to Italy in March, has arrived to Tambov by train, it is then quickly calculated and��revived in the hospital, other passengers were also checked, and for some time it was subject to local perturbations: what to bring from overseas holidays the infection, if is perfectly possible to plant potatoes in the country.

residents of the Capital, the former local, and now in Tambov “newcomers”, were also accused that they are carriers of the coronavirus.

the hot heads propose to set CAT and camera at the entrance to the city and all to expand and fined. Maybe if the money for it, and would have done, but to toughen the regime has no money.

on the night of our arrival was pouring a terrible downpour, sewage, built under the Soviet regime, could not cope, and the next morning the car floats on the road like gondolas in Venice. Future MPs (coming local elections) went from house to house and personally dug pits and potholes – campaigned for himself.

the head of the city, the one which became famous at the beginning of the isolation that has trapped tourist in Vietnam, and on his return was unexpectedly awarded a prize for excellent work (and then publicly refused) dressed in a mask, planted a tree in the Park.

In General, life was in full swing.

On television broadcast optimistic news. Victory parade, referendum, coronavirus retreated. In local advertising, however, solid arbidola.

the Strange thing is, a couple of weeks ago, when the air was full of alarming news and statistics of cases, which now was quickly replaced by the statistics of recovered people to what is happening was pretty skeptical.

All in Tambov authentically knew about the secret plans of bill gates, who invented the crown. But once declared that epidemics complete kaput, people immediately realized something was wrong. The virus certainly exists, just “the authorities hide the truth.”

Silent opposition

the People are not silent and are not indifferent. He’s just in a silent opposition. In political isolation. And the reasons to believe nothing people do indeed have.

It is in Moscow, the neighbor might not know the nearest neighbor. In the depths of illness and death can not be concealed. Rather, the hide – but only from the authorities, that which at the top.

I can not understand what power levels officials no longer live in the true reality and create a new one, for themselves, see the numbers who want to see a surreal draw graphs of growth and fall incidence. Whether they are sincere in their delusion?

After all, what’s really going on, on the surface, but take an interest.

“How so, – come friend, died the other day a friend of the family. – Buried in a closed coffin, the priest nacitava prayer at the open grave, so now all we have to do – the coffin was not opened, the wife was crying, didn’t believe it was him… And the representative from the hospital was hso everything went without a violation. And now it turns out that the death certificate is a completely different diagnosis.”

relatives, don’t seem to find out anything and claim they did not before.

the Local health authority has threatened terrible punishments for the proliferation of fakes on the coronavirus in the Internet. You can only believe the official information, in advance they threaten.

According to the Tambov news of the day, when we arrived, June 8, total cases for the entire period was 3 504 people, recovered 1565, died -12.

the First official death from coronavirus infection recorded over a month ago in Inzhavinskiy district. From complications of died woman born in 1974.

Next, – the inhabitant of the may day region of 73 years. To her shortly before the incident came a corrupt son from Moscow.

the Third died 80-the summer inhabitant of the Nikiforovsky district of pneumonia coronavirus etiology and so on…

All the dead were at risk, either elderly or Chronicles. But at least three people, men who have died since the beginning of June in Tambov, whose story I told, is also still not registered in lists of victims COVID-19. How? Why?

I cannot name these people because I don’t have the permission of their relatives. But I can testify that they exist. Although from a statistical point of view no, like many of those who now is at home with severe “SARS”.

Sister burst into a parental apartment with huge eyes. Our Elevator had just left the nurse in the antiplague suit. Took a swab? Who? Six apartments per floor. Everywhere the elderly. Scary.

White Raven respirator

My niece Kira a month for three years. She understands. Sometimes even more than adults. The sister told her daughter that when the city will score the fountains, so no more virus.

the fountains in the Park turned on suddenly, without apparent reason: “mother, Mother, the virus is over!” for mom it’s a real holiday, tired of sitting at home with grandma and grandpa. The garden is not open March.

Old but small now in the same position. Together, locked up. Adults need to earn money. Elderly parents the last three months did not go out of the apartment.

Dad’s in the fashion industry especially do not believe. Mom believed in him when nobody believed. The two extremes converged. And so we have everything. The unity and struggle of opposites.

the Epidemic is vanquished, but formal restrictions are removed slowly. Restrictions are removed slowly, but still nobody observes. The rules are not respected, but that “if something happens and no one will help”, they know everything.

the Two extremes. Which one wins?

the Mask in Tambov are not. Fundamentally. The first day, wearing a chin honestly bought in the pharmacy the respirator, I looked like the black sheep.

Stand one hour. Then – tired. In the end I have antibodies.

Central market of Tambov, the center of this world, filled with cars in three rows. So not overcrowded. Here it is, the deep Russian people, hand to hand, cheek to cheek, the bag to the bag.

“Yes, we are still in last November was coughing , sneezing, temperature forty. It is a coronavirus, and has been, just say we had them first” – assured me every second the source. In place of the Chinese in China, I would be outraged.

When there is no exact information about anything, the air is filled with myths. When you don’t know what exactly to be afraid, up to you why fear is not necessary.

It’s something irrational, metaphysical, incomprehensible. The type of the Russian soul. Coronavirus is not and he is at the same time. The people yesterday to discuss about how everything around you is sick, and the doctors put the other diagnoses, today with a light heart go outside without a mask.

Some of our friends heard on the phone that I want to see them, honestly that happy to hear from me, but seeing not yet ready… Coronavirus, of course, does not exist, but you never know…

Many I did not call, do not put in the awkward position failure. Only in the barbershop, before to make an appointment for a haircut, honestly forwarded the results of my immune testing. And only here I was asked did cover the nose and mouth.

by the Way, a small business in Tambov opened in April. Yes, it is dangerous, but people need something to live for. By agreement, something which worked a little shop and an Atelier.

In the elite by local standards, supermarkets and grocery stores to people with the slightest symptoms of colds, it is better not to enter, will carry the draft. Probably, it is necessary for the user, but when of plus 30 on the street after standing in the queue (allowed no more than eight people) to enter the premises, where about 10 heat fun do say so ourselves.

But lively shopping centres unlike markets are still sad and dark mausoleums. The outlets are open inside, but not all. Escalators enclosed rescue tape, it is impossible, but for some reason the elevators, where stuffed a lot more people are working.

Kotovsk – the same Sweden

in addition to the regional center is in Tambov and other cities.

I wrote in “MK” about lost in the woods Kotovsk, where she was born, where in order to optimize a couple of years ago closed down all departments in the hospital – neurology, gynecology, dentistry, mortuary (not now, before), and the building of the hospital passed under the coffee shop. There are those who defend such a policy in the health field, they say, why the 30-thousand city 15 kilometers from the regional center to give birth, if you can perfectly go for this case in Tambov, there is certainly medicine better.

But if you think so, then in Tambov, why give birth – let it is better at once to Moscow, the whole country, here it is to give birth even better.

the Hospital in Kotovsk is no more, but now there is kovid-separation for 160 beds. The grandmother of one freshman nursing complained that as before opening her granddaughter with her girlfriends forced to clean the therapy session the patients. But someone snitched to the top, and free scrubber practice of future physicians turned.

In Kotovsk, and no one is afraid of nothing. Even the Tambov compared to him, the top of caution.

People with confirmed diagnoses easily go shopping. “Try to stay away from neighbor, know that it hurts,” sighs a friend. But where to go? Kotovsk – like that little Sweden, which is generally not closed on quarantine.

this correspondence with another childhood friend who lives here.

“Kate, Hey, ill friend and her husband, until confirmation of the crown is not, but as they have filthy. The temperature in the area of 37.6 holds a wicked headache and a very strong dry cough.

Want to show you our correspondence.

“- How are you feeling?

Looking for where a CT scan to be done. All is well on TV. Plain x-ray and it is not so easy to do, it turns out.


– All necessary papers from the doctor, and the doctor gave nothing. To go to the hospital impossible. Stay home and die. Vicious circle some(((

Tell me a bad feeling and call the doctor at home.

– Calling, say, we are ready at their own expense. Only, please. Without a prescription no. And the doctor and the ambulance saying that a high enough temperature.

– Say, in the night rose high, what to do?

– my husband is a night for 38 rolls over. Bring down, talk and relax. Maybe not in the fashion industry in General? It was invented for us? Yes, doctors are like an impenetrable wall. I say to them, this is my health, I’m ready for the money to do all the necessary tests, and they say: there is no need. And when it appears, it may be too late. The lungs will collapse.

Maybe they have this no? They are there only on paper? And in Tambov also do not do?

– Found tomorrow. Will travel for a fee.

– How many days you been sick?

I’m the third husband of the eighth.

all 8 days the temperature would read?

– No, it that appears and disappears to 37.5 And 38 only appeared yesterday.

– what even prescribe medications?

Antiviral. I still have the antibiotics…”

According to the results of CT paid the man confirmed the diagnosis with pneumonia, he was nevertheless admitted to the hospital.

“Dad, who has just conquered pneumonia, heart problems, weekly walks to the reception to the clinic for renewal of the hospital, wrote me another friend ima��and Irina from Kotovsk. – Huge queue, a cough. Therapists are not protected at all, masks and gloves. Now, to take a test, a sick person has to manage time in different clinics. The taking blood from a vein in the clinic at Pioneer, the blood from the finger to the Soviet! Coupons give a spread in time to time to get (before all there was), and quite hopelessly. We will never know the truth and achieve justice.”

the Second wave of lies

the Real “red zone”, which was not possible to hide the city Rasskazovo, about 20 kilometers from the regional center. Here in the observation sent the whole apartment building – an unprecedented case.

Information until victory was denied, was distributed only on social networks, even under the threat of punishment for fakes, but the number of angry messages came in quality – the truth is out. Now the situation personally monitored by the Governor. Monitors. Should help.

in Fact, because of what happened in Rasskazovo, Tambov oblast is still under strict control and not yet able to finally throw off the shackles of the epidemic. Although all the recommendations already have.

I all waited, when, how many kilometers from Moscow, it will begin – the truth about coronavirus. And whether it is at least someone in General, this is true, except for those who have been ill treated or loved ones.

One of the most mysterious consequences COVID-19 – intolerance of lies about him. It would seem that what we care about when to start the second wave, we are, we hope, behind us. But to be honest – I don’t want others, even the thoughtless and doubting, he paid for easy to someone statistics.

It could be any city in Central Russia, not necessarily Tambov, although in neighboring cities the situation is more serious, and, perhaps, officials honest: Penza -31 victim, Voronezh 27, -36 Belgorod, Lipetsk, however, 11.

I have to Say, I don’t want to spoil his small home, I love the Tambov and I want to become better and more beautiful, and its inhabitants were alive and well. But in reality, not on paper.

the Entire last week of Tambov was consistently in the “red” zone, from 1.2 to 1.4. This means that on streets of the regional center of people poured out, like a demonstration.

After the rain and cold of the city fell the heat. In the evenings, the Promenade is crowded with people. Couples, old people, children, little boys splashing in the river tsne.

In such moments, even I, a survivor of the disease, it seems that coronavirus does not exist, that is a nightmare that will surely end with a happy awakening. For all of us.

P. S. Restriction in Tambov removed, now on arrival in Moscow you do not need to sit on a 14-day quarantine, and so on which nobody sits.

Just what I said that in Kotovsk ill 75-year-old cousinI aunt and her husband. She went for a preventive blood test in the hospital said that now it is safe, and in the evening the temperature rose.