From the bed to the Sofa, from the Sofa to the fridge and back again. Who drives while the output limitations of active sports, and has little movement. According to nutritionist Jennifer burn Aubert an adult by the lack of movement in the average, 400 calories less per day.

now cardiovascular diseases in Germany, the death are the number one cause. Overweight and too little exercise have encouraged this disease, said the Dortmunder Statistik-Professor Walter Krämer of the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung. “Two, three weeks with no Sport and too much eating, and social Isolation are not a Problem. But if we had to this state significantly longer, which would be of Benefit is less than the cost.”

output restrictions: food as a Comforter

The restrictions many also bring to your mental limits. The stress leads to people overeating, warns the British society for nutrition. The health coach and Mercier emphasizes, also for children continue to be healthy and to cook well-balanced. The British chef Jamie Oliver cooks in his own Show, “quarantine-recipes”, which are prepare with a few ingredients simple. Such as, for example, be a “One-pan fabulous fish”recipe , which requires only 5 ingredients.

Due to the output limitations of the meals should be rather small, and everyone should move as much as possible. On the Internet different sports you can find delicious and healthy recipes, exercises and Workouts that you can do without any additional equipment.

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