a Conflict around Sheehan in Bashkiria and part of the head region of Radium habirova in peaceful settlement means that the parties will start a dialogue and try to find the optimal solution, a compromise. The active phase of the protest, paused, said to IA REGNUM, the political scientist Dmitry Mikhaylichenko.

“You know that the company BSK tried to proceed with the development of Sheehan Coustau, but they were faced with a strong public resistance from the defenders of Kustow. It started to turn into a pretty violent collision, and the collision has led to what is affected and the protesters, employees of internal Affairs bodies. This is unacceptable. What concerns the attack on employees of internal Affairs — it will be a matter of serious trial, noted in particular the head of Bashkortostan radium Khabirov.

Mickle said, in clashes on Kustow last weekend participated 5-10 thousand people. “Bashkir soda company” (“BSC”) made a bid on Saturday, have mobilized their employees and probably thought that the problem is solved. The area of the mountain was enclosed by a fence. As a result, on Sunday on the mountain it’s the minimum number of employees of BSK. On Sunday, the odds were on the side of the supporters of Coustou, which won a tactical victory.

“the arrival of the mountain of the head of Bashkiria showed that radium Khabirov able to control the situation, and the protest is not political. People United by a desire to preserve native wildlife and ecology. Sunday was agreed that the parties will start a dialogue and try to find the optimal solution, a compromise. The active phase of the protest paused.

However, compromise elusive. Financial-industrial groups actively invested in PR, spin-doctoring, but not the modernization of production.

it is Necessary to remind that the previous head of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has repeatedly warned the centre about the possibility of such a scenario. I suppose it was his duty as a statesman is demanded of such a position, but it was not heard, and he Khamitov has resigned. Largely because shikhanov.

the Problem shikhanov and raw materials for production of soda ash R. Habirov has got in the inheritance. It is obvious that no affiliatio he and BSK no. He as a protege of the Kremlin tries to solve the problem as painlessly as possible.

it is Unlikely that the negotiations will be successful, although partial compromise is possible. For advocating the Shihan of the rural population is a Prime reason to pay attention to themselves and their problems. To be heard. The Republican leadership demonstrated their readiness to listen to residents. However, the use of force to solve the problem — at-p��einemo remains key,” said Dmitry Mikhaylichenko.

Khabirov proposed a compromise on Kustow

As previously reported IA REGNUM, the head of Bashkortostan radium habirova the meeting in the Republican government declared that the situation on Kustow is stoprotsentnoy flaw of leadership in the region. Sheehan of Coustou in Bashkiria will not be developed until you find a compromise solution.