“Our main goal is to help families with children, – explained the Minister. – If one of the parents loses his job, from the reduction of family income children suffer most. Therefore, it is especially important to take the correct measures of support”.

How do they work? Anton Kotkov told this by the example of a family with two children aged 2 and 7 years, in which the mother sits in the decree, and the father is the only breadwinner in the midst of a pandemic lost work. In such a situation, according to the head of the Ministry of labor, family comprises four types of payments. First, for two-year-old will be listed on 5 thousand in April, may and June. The seven-year program of payments to children 3 to 16 years will receive a lump sum of 10 thousand rubles. Unemployed dad with registration in the employment service will receive the benefit – 12 130 rubles a month and another for 3 thousand rubles per month for each child, that is only 18 130 rubles a month. Finally, from 1 June to families with children aged 3 to 7 years – that is just the eldest child will pay a separate allowance, the first payment will amount to 33 thousand rubles, and then about 5.5 thousand rubles per month (the specific amount depends on the region). That is, the entire family will get more than 100 thousand rubles for three months.

Payment for children from 3 to 16 years proved to be very popular. At the moment, through the portal already received over 8 million statements about its purpose 11.5 million children, and another 112 thousand applications were filed in the client offices of the Pension Fund.

“Additional budget expenditures to support citizens and businesses exceed 2 trillion rubles, these funds were drawn from various sources”, – said on the eve Kotyakov in the program “Posner” on channel one. According to him, the country has chosen a combined method of support. Direct social assistance from this amount is allocated 570 billion, the others in different types of organizations will be directed primarily to preserve the employment of workers.

Kotkov admits that unemployment in Russia, calculated on methodology of the International labour organization (ILO), may increase to 5.2-5.3 million people. Of these, 2.5 million are registered at employment centers as unemployed and receive benefits, and any additional social benefits. At the end of last year, the country was 700-800 thousand registered unemployed persons and approximately 3.5 million unemployed, according to ILO. Different dynamics of the two indicators, according to the head of the Ministry of labor, has quite a rational explanation. Registration as unemployed has become much easier and the amount of the allowance has increased markedly. “About 45-50% of those who were registered unemployed in the last time, at least a year did not work – told Katkov. They are or were unemployed, or worked in the grey sector.”

the Minister believes the situation with unemploymentth catastrophic. According to him, only in April, are officially to be employed 1.1 million people. The stabilization of the situation caused by the pandemic-related restrictions, is expected in June. It’s then possible to analyze the situation and understand how and to whom it will be necessary to help further.