MOSCOW, may 2 – RIA Novosti. Chief doctor of infectious hospital of a name of Botkin in St. Petersburg Denis Gusev told the newspaper “St. Petersburg diary” about the features of the asymptomatic course COVID-19.

He recalled that in this form of the disease the patient is a source of coronavirus infection without knowing it.

According to Gusev, in the absence of symptoms the disease may proceed from mild to moderate and then heavy. “This transition may take from several days to one day or less, from four to six hours,” said the doctor.

He also noted that asymptomatic carriage of the virus is the main variant of the disease in all countries. “These vehicles just hard to calculate. Generally, assessment of an asymptomatic individual occurs retrospectively, after the completion of the epidemic, the presence of antibodies to the virus in the blood. While computed tomography (CT) as a method of primary diagnosis COVID-19 untenable, especially in asymptomatic patients,” – said Gusev.

Pandemic COVID-19 covered the vast majority of countries in the world. According to who, the virus has infected more than 3.1 million people. Of these, about 218 thousand dead, a million were cured. The greatest number of infected and victims recorded in the United States, Spain and Italy.

Russia ranks eighth in the number of cases. Diagnosis COVID-19 set 114 431 person (the increase per day of 7.4%) of them recovered more than 13 thousand people, 1169 could not be saved.

Authorities have asked the Russians to stay home during the epidemic. In many regions operates in the transmission mode. In addition, temporarily stopped international air and rail links.

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