Boilers are a necessary purchase that you have to make if you desire a cosy and warm house. The market provides many options, but it is up to you to choose which boiler will work best for you. In making such a choice, ensure you are critical, and you know what you are looking for.

Some factors that will guide you in ensuring a warm home improvement:

a) Efficiency

You must check the percentage of gas wastage; the higher the efficiency, the lower the gas wastage.

b) Cost

Go for a boiler that has a pocket –friendly price and low maintenance cost. Checking the cost will ensure that you don’t spend a lot of money on boiler expenses in the long-run.

c) Home size

Property size should also be a consideration when you are looking for a boiler. If you have a smaller space, go for a compact size boiler. Landlords should consider a boiler that requires a gas or oil tank outside the property.

d) After-sale support.

Find a reliable engineer who can frequently check your boiler for damages and ensure it is efficiently working.LS1 boilers are a reliable company when it comes to boiler installing and regular checkups.

e) Smart Thermostats

Another vital factor to remember while looking for important boiler information is technology. Smart homes are the way to go nowadays. Have you at any one time been in a situation where you travelled away from home, and you suddenly remember that your heater is on full blast?

With these smart homes, you can easily tap and control whatever is going on in your house while you are away. Heating systems that have this technology are convenient and will make your life easier.

Below are the best boiler options you can consider:

  1. Combi Boilers

Combi comes from the name “combination,” which implies that the boiler combines central heating and water heating. It allows maximum home improvement since it is 92% energy efficient with only 8% energy wastage. The boiler is very popular among families in the UK. It is popular because you do not have to heat the immersion heater in advance when hot water is required.

The combi boiler is efficient for small homes and spaces since they work with smart thermostats.

It is a unique boiler since it boils water when required, which implies that you do not heat the immersion heater in advance, unlike a traditional boiler. A combi boiler comes in different types depending on your needs; it can be a gas combi boiler, oil combi boiler, or Liquefied Petroleum Gas combi boil.

A gas combi boiler will require you to have a gas source while an oil combi boiler will need a user to have an oil tank. Liquefied Petroleum gas combi boiler uses natural gas and oil.

Why a combi boiler is best

a) On-demand service

You do not have to heat the immersion heater when you require hot water. With a combi boiler, you do not have to wait for the water tank to refill and heat the water for minutes. It is an instant boiler.

b) Stronger water pressure

A regular boiler’s water pressure depends on the gravitational pull. The water pressure is faster, steadier, and stronger for a combi boiler because it is connected to the mains power supply.

c) Compact size

The compact size and fit of a combi boiler make it suitable for smaller homes. It is also ideal for families that do not have multiple bathrooms. The boiler does not have a large water tank.

d) Easy, quick and affordable installation

You can easily install a combi boiler anywhere because it does not require an attic connection, usually the case with the traditional boiler.

  1. Electric boilers

An electric boiler uses electricity in its central heating system. They are 99% efficient; thus, no gas wastage. An electric boiler is effective because they enable the use of smart homes and gives you control of what is going on in the house.

Why electric boiler is the best


An electric boiler does not have elements built in it. Therefore, there are no moving elements that may cause noise or unpleasant sound as it heats the water.

b) Low cost

It’s affordable and easy to install since it requires less equipment; when converting electricity to heat, minimal or no energy is needed. Also, the maintenance cost is cheaper because it doesn’t have mechanic expenses or annual servicing expenses.

c) Compact size

They are small in size and require little space for installation. It can fit even in tight spaces, which enables you to make use of other available spaces. It also doesn’t use combustion fuel; thus, there is no need to have a chimney.

d) No gas

It doesn’t require gas to operate, and since most people do not have reliable access to a gas supply, it is advisable to use the electric boiler.

e) Efficiency

It is efficient for use. That is, it makes fair use of energy, and it loses little heat when generating hot water. It is reliable and works perfectly well.


It is safe as it doesn’t need any fuel to function, and hence no fear of fuel leaks. Also, it is hard for accidents to occur while using it.


The choice of a suitable boiler depends on your needs and preferences. LS1 boilers offer the best house warming solutions. For quality services on boiler installation and maintenance, LS1 boilers will provide quality service and sufficient information.