the authenticity of the remains of Nicholas II, his wife and children was confirmed by the examination conducted by the murder of the Romanov Royal family. It is fully completed.

As reported by RIA Novosti head of the Department auxiliary and special historical disciplines history and archives Institute RSUH, candidate of historical Sciences Yevgeny Pchelov, among the studied materials were the documents the white guard investigation, testimony of participants in the murder, and the concealment of bodies.

researchers analyzed more than two thousand historical sources derived from more than 15 Russian and foreign archives, including found new documents, and some “old” once again thoroughly analysed.

– the Investigative Committee put the questions: what happened, starting with the abdication of Nicholas II, and beyond: the transfer of the Romanovs in Siberia, Tobolsk, Yekaterinburg. Very large-scale examination – said Eugene Pchelov.

Directly to the identification of the “Yekaterinburg remains” engaged in genetics from several independent from each other scientific centers. For the first time the remains of the Romanov family were found in 1991 near Ekaterinburg and presumably belonged to the Royal couple, the three Grand duchesses and their environment. In 2007, near this place found another burial, probably of crown Prince Alexei and his sister Maria.

In July 2018 comprehensive molecular-genetic examination have confirmed that was found in the area Porosenkov ravine near Yekaterinburg remains belong to members of the Royal family and their entourage. It was established the relationship of Emperor Alexander III, whose remains with this purpose, exhumed, and one of the victims, identified by scientists as Nicholas II.

still no full confidence in the membership of the remains of members of the Royal family, so five years ago it was decided to reopen the investigation of their deaths. According to the results of the examinations in this matter was no more doubt.

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