TV presenter Elena Malysheva driven to alcoholism by the artist, making a foam vagina for her medical show. He came under psychological pressure, like other subordinates leading star. This is related to social networks and former editor of the programme Rustam ulbarisov.

In his opinion, all subjects Malysheva taken from the programs of the American telediktorov. And she as a leader is behaving inappropriately and unprofessionally.

“the Artist who did the transfer for vagina <…> foam, constantly left in binges. EVM it was a bonfire, but didn’t fire, it was too good leave his human flesh. But most of all given to us – the editors of the site, for why (ed) here to just sit, have a bowl with holes,” wrote ulbarisov.

According to him, the host had on employees and pressure treated them condescendingly. In particular, arranged public events where subordinates had to talk about their health problems. Complete employee Malysheva forced to lose weight at the briefing.

“the highlight of the blame for bad health. Why (edited) you’re so unwell if you work in “Health”? Ill – treat! Why (ed) you so fat? Tell me about your problems and promise for all that will lose weight,” wrote ulbarisov.

He said after the conflict, the entire Department where he worked, quit.

Earlier, the “Rambler” reported that according to the media, Elena Malysheva owns a luxury house in the suburbs of new York. The cost is $6.5 million Mansion with an area of 1100 sq. m. located on the banks of the Hudson river.

In addition, in new York there are two flats, which belong to the children Malysheva.