Nikita Kostadinkino 23 years, he is a future analyst, and now a student at the Moscow aviation Institute. Three years studied at the day Department, then transferred to part-time, returned to Krasnodar, where he became the regional coordinator of the organization “Business Russia”. Volunteers for several years.

– Each in 2017, called on Saturday, during which planted maple Avenue in Chistyakov grove, – says Nikita. – Organizer team of the “Youth front”. Joined its ranks, at the moment I volunteer staff assistance “We are together”.

the Main work and the public in a pandemic turned out to be interrelated: it helps entrepreneurs to issue interest-free loans and, in parallel, attracting business representatives to the needy.

– Many entrepreneurs on a regular basis provide social support, but when thousands of people lost their earnings, their assistance to the needy has increased manifold, – the interlocutor speaks. – So, the owner of a network of bakeries from Krasnodar Natalia Kononova helps to feed the volunteers and provides meals for lonely residents of Krasnodar. Her company has a line of hot meals, where prepared meals that are in high demand. But when the majority of partners have suspended work, the goods were not in demand. However, Natalia did not stop the line, but now all production is distributed free of charge.

every day our ranks swell volunteers, says Kostarakis. – First, only the taxi drivers offered assistance in the delivery of products, and then they were joined by the wives of entrepreneurs. On their machines they used to deliver food packages and meals. Some elderly people are: “If not for you, don’t know how would have survived.” A lot of bright people we met in these days. Urge not to remain indifferent to the suffering of others. The energy of kindness with which you share with others, has the ability to return. Believe me, checked on personal experience.

In the early 90s, Yevgeny Grekov and his Creative Union “southern Wave” knew in Krasnodar: created NGOs conducted a loud human rights campaign, the rock concerts on the main street, the heated debates in the club of civil education. All was quiet when Jack went to Moscow, although “southern wave” has not been closed. Just, left without a leader, she’s like a lost energy. More than ten years the Greeks spent in the capital, where he continued to study music and creativity. Six years ago his family returned to Krasnodar, to the activities that had fascinated him in his youth.

With childhood friends decided that we should take care of their neighborhood, which created “the Union of inhabitants”. In September 2015 we were asked to participate in a “Night of urban communities”. There were creative teams, representatives of youth subcultures, theme publics enterprises, in General, close-minded people. So he returned to public activity and re-engaged in the Association of concerned and creative people. We held exhibitions, charity concerts, organized several clubs.

Now created Grekov “Voluntary cooperation of Kuban” brings together 41 public initiative, and increasingly volunteers have shown themselves in the last three months.

– We work to engage volunteer organizations to help each other: transport, equipment, information, – he explained. – I have a list of 30 crews, which deliver products, medicines and things around the edge. If necessary, exchange of volunteers, send them at the address where waiting for help.

the Movement has United NGOs with different target audience. For example, the “Open environment” helps autistic people, and “Laboratory of light” – the “Good hands” – the elderly, large families and single mothers. In a pandemic addresses the troubles became much more. Information is often gathered from the social networks, the stock is now joined by musicians, painters, “Voluntary fire-Kuban”, “Volunteers on wheels”, the activists of the Association “Help the city” and other public organizations. And the money associates Grekova harvested only in extreme cases.

– many charities have their own established partner relationships with the business. Entrepreneurs highlight the products, clothes and transport. This is a real volunteer organization, which has long not counting on help from the state, – says Eugene.

According to him, entrepreneurs, despite the crisis, providing food aid to large families, single mothers and the elderly: “the business of the harder to help, but still trying. We have a butcher that once a week, allocates 120 kilograms of meat to large families 20-30 families get meat, which at another time do not see.”

by the Way, if the representatives of the official structures of “informal” volunteers virtually not interacted, but now the authorities themselves came to them with their proposals.

– Thanks to the Deputy head of Krasnodar Liliana Yegorova has issued a “red pass” for vehicles that deliver products around the edge, says of the Greeks. – Now work closely. She suggested that if that call, do not hesitate, the common point is involved.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in the capital of the Kuban wards of the crisis center “Bright abode” began to sew a protective mask and to distribute to the needy. This Autonomous non-commercial organization created in the framework of the project “Good gift Kuban” to help vulnerable people, provides shelter for pregnant women and mothers, trapped in bfood.

For two years we had 22 women and 37 children, our moms got here pregnant, were born eight children. And over 400 people received help, – says the coordinator of the center of the doctor-the psychologist Irina Polyakova.

the Wards of the “Bright abode” do needlework – sew bags, painted Easter eggs and cakes. Decorative product masters are self-taught Orthodox are sold at fairs and in Church shops. Rector of St. Iliinskogo Archpriest Dimitry Bolton Ekaterinodar diocese is headed by the division for social Ministry. Crisis center under his special protection.

– there Are situations in which even a professional psychologist it is difficult to understand, says Polyakov. – Then go for advice to the priest. He is a father of four children raises, so will advise you on how best to proceed.

Some of the “Bright abode” protects against cruelty, beatings and humiliation of others helps to overcome financial difficulties. The opportunity to stay in the center to support women receive, regardless of nationality, religion, sometimes in the absence of registration.

In the days of quarantine of volunteer groups created in each temple of Krasnodar.

– We have helped lonely people and now it is in especially high demand, says Orthodox volunteer Eugene. Although we see that the lonely are not abandoned, they are taking care of social security. But things happen – someone children can’t come from out of town, and it’s a real problem. We come help, even if just around the house need something to do. Old people are happy as children. And recently one elderly resident of the suburban village of azure so moved were given two kilograms of cleaned nuts. Now the whole community eats them and prays for his health.

Veniamin Kondratiev, the Governor of Kuban:

– the Quarantine has become a test for humanity. This primarily refers to the work of volunteers. They are distinguished by the ability to make decisions even in the most uncertain situation and to take responsibility for themselves. A corps of ten thousand volunteers, the potential of the Kuban, the backbone, the people on whom you can rely. They work as nurses, registrars and operators of “hot lines”.

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