10. A – 142,8 meters

The tenth rank goes to the largest private sailing ship. The Russian Oligarch Andrei Melnichenko (48) has made his money with coal and fertilizer, and indulged in 2015 for 420 million Swiss francs, the S/Y A called A. the sailing to your three carbon masts it is using diesel engines with 9800 HP.

9. A+ 147,0 meters

420 million Swiss francs, plus 500’000 per tank filling – in order to be ten inches shorter than the eight rank? The Name of the owner, length: Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan (49), Abu Dhabi (UAE) Minister, Manchester-City-owner and has renamed the 2012 Topaz because of the A in M/Y A+ or A+.

8. Prince Abdulaziz – 147,1 meters

Proud for 22 years, the Prince Abdulaziz was the largest private ship in the earth. Until 2006 – then the lengths began betting the billionaire upgrade-yachts. The ship of the Saudi Royal house now seems almost modest, but has space for up to 64 illustrious guests to the 65 heads scoring Crew.

7. Al Said – 155,0 meters

As she completed in 2007, contributed to the Al Said in vain that name: the Principal, the then Sultan of Oman, Qaboos bin Said (1940-2020), a member of the ruling house of Al Said, the Yacht as well as the number three of our list was. As one of the most difficult super yacht displaces 15’850 tons.

6. Dilbar – 156,0 meters

The first Dilbar (first name of his mother) was to the Russians Alisher Burchanowitsch Usmanov (66) with 110 meters to short. In 2016, the Telecom and steel Oligarch got his second Dilbar (see large picture above). Only in office as head of the World fencing Federation FIE it helps a little: The FIE is sitting in Lausanne, VD.

5. Dubai – 162,0 meters

This is true luxury: The Dubai anchored off the private island of your owner! To Kiel in 1995, the 26 knots (48 km/h) felt fleet Yacht but it was only in 2006, water under the keel: The Principal from Brunei said, later, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (70), ruler of the Emirate of Dubai (UAE) to handle then.

4. Eclipse – 162,5 meters

Built in 2009 by Blohm+Voss (D) and registered in the Bahamas, the 70 crew members managed to Eclipse the Ex-Governor and FC Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich (53). Equipment of the Russians-Yacht: three Extra boats, Mini-U-boat, the Disco room, two swimming Pools, two Heli-landing areas, and missile-defense system.

3. Fulk Al Salamah – 164,0 meters

Officially, the 2016 built Fulk Al Salamah in the service of the Navy of Oman, what do you mean, but in fact stands: it is another private ship of the king’s house. 300-man crew should be on Board – and even the huge car collection of the Royal house.

2. Azzam to 179.7 metres

Under the in-service yachts from Lürssen (D) – built Azzam is still up next year’s number one. She worked in 2013 for the President of the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (71), from the stack. It has 47’700 HP and a U-boat on Board, and at a cost of 590 million Swiss francs.

1. REV Ocean – 181,5 meters

Although it is yet to be built until 2021, but since launching in 2019, it is the longest private vessel: The REV Ocean creates 39’000 km without the need to apply, does not belong to a Sheikh, but Norway’s fisheries billionaire Kjell Inge Røkke (61) – and is not just a luxury: it is used mainly as a research vessel for the protection of the oceans.