“the Development of a vaccine goes according to the plan approved by the Ministry of health. We are now completing preclinical studies in mice and Guinea pigs. Checked all possible toxicity. The result is positive, – said the academician Alexander Ginzburg. – Finishing a study on monkeys – it confirmed the high immunogenicity and the safety of the drug. If the final results of the preclinical studies are positive, we hope – in the first week of June, we plan to apply to the Ministry of health for a permit to the next stage – clinical trials on human volunteers”.

Previously, Gunzburg said that the first vaccinations new vaccine in an experiment made some members of the team to confirm its safety.

the study Design (which determines, in particular, the number of participants and phasing checks with the increase of a dose of the vaccine of the future) will be determined later. “It will depend on the position of experts who will explore our data, – said Alexander Ginzburg. All the results we will publish, open information is a condition for publication of results in international journals”.

Such publication is necessary to, in the future, to have the possibility of withdrawal of the Russian vaccine to the international market.

in addition, as noted academician, by late summer, the developers of the vaccine are planning to go to scale of the drug is the next step to the beginning of mass production.

Thus, according to the scientist, it is possible that next fall will be to conduct mass vaccination.

On the whole population of the country it is not. “Who will instill in the first place – I did not decide, – said Alexander Ginzburg. – I would consider definitely the correct one to start with physicians. Despite all the protection, highest risk of infection. The following risk group – organized groups. For example, construction sites where a large number of people. closely contacting with each other”.