One payment of 10 thousand rubles for children up to 16 years will start from Wednesday, July 1. This was reported in the Ministry of labor, adding that a technical algorithm of transferring funds has already worked under the former payment.

The Ministry stressed that the experience of previous payments on the children, but one day the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) may make payments by more than 15 million children, reports RIA “Novosti”. “”Normative documents established that payments start from 1 July, as previously reported. With this new payment does not require the filing of separate statements from parents”, — reminded the Ministry of labour.

The Department also stressed that the decision on the second for a lump sum payment for children from birth to 16 years shall be made on the basis of data already available to the Pension Fund. Previous payments — children from birth to three years and from three to 16 years were conducted within 10 days from receipt by the FIU. At the moment of payment received 21 million children, notes the “national news service”.

In Russia from April to June, had paid five thousand rubles for each child under the age of 3 years. For families with children aged 3 to 16 years were provided a lump sum payment in the amount of 10 thousand rubles for each child. Later, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a decree on additional payments in the amount of 10 thousand rubles to families with children up to 16 years. Leading expert of Institute of modern development Nikita Maslennikov in conversation with URA.RU did not rule out that families with children will be able to get the third payment before the beginning of the school year.