The pop star shared two photos on social media Monday of her joint birthday party with Alana Haim. It was noted that the fete was conducted in compliance with COVID precautions.

“Don’t speak it, don’t tell it OKAY I’m speaking it: I’M FEELIN 32. Alana feels 30. We tested everyone, but don’t worry! We are so grateful for your birthday wishes. I love you all!” The “Shake It Off” singer also wrote the caption alongside the snaps.

Swift and Alana, the youngest member of Haim pop group composed of her and sisters Danielle & Este, have been friends for many years. Haim opened for Swift on select dates of The 1989 World Tour in 2015 and the foursome even went on vacation together in Hawaii.

Alana has received glowing reviews recently for her role in “Licorice Pizza”, which was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. It also featured Cooper Hoffman, a frequent collaborator of Anderson.

The director of “Boogie Nights”, a music video for the band, has been a friend of the Haim family. In fact, the mother of the sisters was Anderson’s grade school art teacher. He wrote the part with Alana.

Swift has been featured in the news for her remastering of her hit album Red,which includes an impromptu rendition of “All Too Well”, a song about her ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal.