Producers sounded the alarm: after the online quarantine in cinemas will not go

the tenor of the conversation, the horror will come when to lift the quarantine. Although television will survive, the volume serials will recover, and likely will be new names and companies that will refresh the cinematic process. Screenwriter and producer Alex trotsuk (“Kitchen”, “Slave”, “Tobol”) joked: “We hope that all will be well. I’m just trying to understand – whom?”. According to his version, there were two earthquakes: the virus and the oil. What kind of wave it would cause, and whom it will cover the issue. If the virus was one, this is nothing, but coupled with the oil is another story. After the acute phase comes the stupid. The door opens, but no they will not go. At the exit we are waiting for a hard capitalism, where one will eat the other, or mutual support, although the producer the producer is unlikely to support.

Online cinemas in conditions of self-isolation it is necessary to work without interruption. They managed to get an audience which in other circumstances would have been beating. Major film companies release their movies online. And even one Russian picture immediately appear in the Network, bypassing cinemas. According to experts, did not participate in this discussion, it is a loss, and decided on such desperate step, the producer will eventually lose, and, at times. Those who are now watching movies at home will not necessarily remain at the screens after the quarantine. When will the cinema, they will go there. But three months between July and October there will be no Hollywood, and the pause must have something to fill. The deficit, the Prime Minister is obvious. Formed hole.

At the top still leads became actual picture of the “Infection” Soderbergh 2011, as well as documentary projects about the coronavirus. And those popular TV shows where the characters are in a confined space. Although there has been a decline of interest. People want to watch something not related to quarantine.

How will the events develop? One of the assumptions of the isolation will be removed, and people are not going to see anything, because it is associated with quarantine. All go for a walk and chat. Pernew novel about the pandemic will appear in a year or three, when you can calmly analyze what happened and not through a political prism. Now it is difficult to describe, because everything is changing rapidly. Although the first film about the events of September 11, 2001 appeared in hot pursuit in 2002.

it is Clear that the quarantine will leave injury, and we will investigate. But the hero of the movies about the coronavirus, according to Alexander Akopov, may be Alexander Lukashenko. Explain him all the danger of a pandemic, they say that everything is bad, and he does not believe. Alex trotsuk asked the initiative: everyone should make the film about Lukashenka.

In General, came to the conclusion that to survive nicely will not work, says the hero in an American series, but we will all be myths and legends.

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