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Meteorologists urged to be careful in icy conditions
According to forecasts, it will occur on Friday, February 14
Experts noted an individual approach to every city in this matter
The warning will be in effect until February 13
The atmospheric pressure will be 734 millimeters of mercury
The capital once again come warming
Recommendations about the care on the roads spread in TMS
An emergency warning has extended the capital Glaucus MOE
From Tuesday until Sunday and will be the same type of weather
The maximum air temperature will be -3 degrees
The cyclones will bring in the capital warming
7:00 air temperature at the meteorological station ENEA amounted to minus 14 degrees
The coming days will be the coldest since the beginning of winter
Warning period until Feb 9
Viktor Danilov-Danilyan noted that during warming, the mosquitoes Wake up, but can't find food and die
On Friday in the capital are expected frosts to 15 degrees
Muscovites warned of sleet and gusty winds
Gusty wind will blow with a speed of 5-10 meters per second
Under forecasts of weather forecasters, air temperature in the city will fall within weeks
Yellow level weather risk in Moscow and the Moscow region extended
The peak of the cold snap in the capital will have for the weekend
Member mgek believes that society needs to accept the fact that "no more such winters as before"
The thermometer in the middle of the day can fall to the level of 5 degrees below zero
The event, scheduled on the night of 4 February
In TMS urge motorists to observe the speed limit
From 3 to 6 February, atmospheric pressure in the capital will be below normal by 10-20 units
The capital Advisory in effect from Sunday evening
Replaced the drizzling rainfall will bring to the capital of sleet, and then the February rain
Expected cold, but the temperature for the first time in the winter will be close to climate norm
Will blow South winds of 5-10 meters per second
Adverse weather conditions associated with freezing rain and strong wind
The air temperature in the capital will be about zero
Forecasters believe that a potentially dangerous weather will continue in the Metropolitan area until the evening of January 26
This is due to the established in the capital region by storm
Forecasters suggest that the second month of the year won't bring a cold snap

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