The Meteorologist talked about warming up to 19 degrees

Warm air brought the anticyclone, which will be over the Central and North-West.

Photo: Egor of Provornikov meteorologists said the timing of the arrival of temperatures that can kill COVID-19

on the Sixth of April in Moscow is expected to rain a day plus 7-9 degrees. The seventh of April is even warmer – plus 9-12 degrees. Near zero at night and rain. The eighth of April as the day to plus 16 degrees.

the Ninth of April, can be even warmer -14-19 degrees. Partly cloudy and light rain. But on the tenth of April the temperature will drop a little, but will still be above normal – at the level of the may values. Plus at night will be 3-8 Celsius degrees, in the afternoon 11-16°. Partly cloudy weather without precipitation.