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Monday, January 25, 2021
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The Central Bank has suggested banks to reduce bonuses to employees who in the pursuit of sales of financial products introduce consumer confusion. This should also apply to top managers
Despite the difficulties in the economy due to pandemic coronavirus, Russia will be able to avoid a recession, according to the Central Bank. If there are no new bursts of inflation and the market will remain stable in two weeks may reduce the key rate
With the beginning of a new season of colds and respiratory diseases could expect the second wave of the outbreak. According to the Central Bank, this may contribute to the "depletion" of the global economy to the costs of preventing the spread and elimination of virus
The Bank of Russia and Ministry of economic development are considering the possibility of business to request a deferral of lease payments by analogy with the rental payments. This was stated by the representative of the Central Bank Mikhail Mamuta
The Bank of Russia lowered the official rate of the dollar and the Euro on Wednesday. The Russian currency strengthened by "American" to 75.45 ruble to the "European" Euro to ruble 82,01. this is happening against the background of rising oil prices
The Bank of Russia fixes a new fraudulent scheme to steal money from Bank accounts using social engineering. The attackers promise deferred credits compensation and benefits, as well as a refund for the tickets
The Bank of Russia announced the start of weekly press conferences in an online format on the situation in the financial market. The first conference will be held April 3. Nabiullina will speak about the implementation of the adopted and planned measures
The Central Bank made a second and more ambitious anti-crisis package of measures. It allowed banks to 30 September not to create reserves in the restructuring of loans to individuals and significantly expanded the list of victims of the pandemic industries that can be applied concessional restructuring
The Central Bank lowered the official rate of dollar and Euro on March 26. On Wednesday, the ruble on the stock exchange, but after began to decline in the range of 20-40 cents. Experts note that the dynamics of the Russian currency continue to identify external factors
Scammers respond quickly to changes in the market. Already intensified leafonly for returning lost money, the aggravation of the problems of bad debts the possible resurgence of criminal practices of razdelinaia
The Bank of Russia has recommended lenders to help small and medium businesses and self-employed citizens of the number of borrowers who encountered difficulties amid the fashion industry. We are talking about a possible loan restructuring
The Bank of Russia lowered the official rate of the dollar and the Euro on 25 March. Experts attribute this to slowdown in the growth of new cases of coronavirus in Italy, which could be a script for other European countries
ATM machines-recycling machines can be transferred in mode is a torn of money flow, when the received money is not passed back to clients, and do for collection. This will prevent the transmission of coronavirus via cash, explained in the CBA
The Central Bank has recommended to banks to reduce cash withdrawals from ATMs. The restrictions will apply only to devices with the function of recycling. This will allow you to sustain notes in a safe place three or four days for the death of the virus
The Bank of Russia will support citizens and the economy in terms of the spread of coronavirus and lower oil prices. New measures of the Central Bank aimed at maintaining the ability of the financial sector to provide resources to the economy and at protecting the interests affected by the pandemic citizens
The Russian banks from may 1 should be free for citizens to make transfers of up to 100 thousand rubles per month through the System of quick payments. This decision was made by CBA in the package of measures related to the spread of coronavirus infection
The need for direct payments to citizens to stimulate demand is absent, said the head of the CBR Elvira Nabiullina. "We have other measures to support both citizens and consumer activity, and income," she added
The Bank of Russia suspended holding most of the checks and would not punish banks for minor violations. This decision was made taking into account the quarantine measures because of the coronavirus and translation of most of the Bank employees at remote work
Today, the Bank of Russia may interrupt the cycle to reduce the key rate, leaving it unchanged or increasing. Any decision of the regulator in the current turbulent conditions will respond to ruble exchange rate more than usual
Most likely, rates on deposits and loans will rise in the next month or two. The best recipe for Bank customers - not to succumb to emotions. If you can do without the loan, it is better not to take, in principle, analysts say
The decision of the Central Bank's key rate will be associated with the dynamics of the Russian financial market, analysts say. But even if the Bank of Russia will not change the level of the rate of 6% per annum in the next month or two, banks can get slightly better rates on deposits and loans
Last week, the dollar climbed to a mark of 76 rubles. To predict the ruble, even for a short time is impossible due to unpredictable reactions to COVID-19 and surges in oil prices. But while it is at an acceptable level, according to the government
Possible rejection of foreign exchange intervention against the background of weak oil prices will lead to a significant depreciation of the national currency, according to analysts of rating Agency "Expert RA"
The Bank of Russia lowered the official rate of the dollar on the weekend before 73,19 ruble, Euro to ruble 81,86. After the second this week of panic selling of risky assets, the ruble on Friday partially restored the losses
The growth rate of contributions for voluntary health insurance in 2019, set a record for all history of observations. Thanks to this dynamic segment of the LCA became the new driver of the insurance market, according to the Central Bank
The direct impact of the situation with coronavirus on the Russian economy is now the minimum. This was announced by first Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Ksenia Yudaeva. However, the regulator is ready to apply tools to maintain financial stability
Hackers have become more active to steal the payment card details of those who remotely enjoys the services of banks, online stores and government agencies. How to protect yourself and your finances - read the material "RG"
The official Euro rose for the weekend to the level is 73.72 of the ruble, the Central Bank. The dollar rose to nearly 67 rubles. Experts attribute the weakening of the national currency with the spread of the coronavirus and the fall in oil prices
Owners and managers of banks potentially involved in financial crimes, may not be allowed to go abroad. In addition, the Central Bank will be more reason for the rehabilitation of the players of the financial market, which can pose a threat to customers
In Russia now can pay for fuel at the gas station from your smartphone by scanning the QR code on the fuel nozzle through a system of quick payments, according to the "national system of payment cards".
The Bank of Russia intends to change the criteria for suspicious transactions, entailing the suspension of the account.
The Finance Ministry announced details of the release of Bank of Russia from the capital of Sberbank: the state-owned stake bought by the government at the expense of the national welfare Fund.
The Central Bank lowered its key interest rate to six percent. The main argument is that the slowdown in inflation. In the first quarter is expected to record low — about two percent in annual terms.