The Bank of Russia announced new schemes of plunder of money from the card

They call up the citizens, promising delays in the payment of loans, various kinds of compensation, allowances, refunds for airline tickets, services for the diagnosis of infection coronavirus infection, volunteering. Everything eventually boils down to what the person needs under one pretext or another to inform their card details, password from the TEXT message or to make a payment on a bill, reported by the Bank of Russia.

the Central Bank has clarified microfinance organizations to work with borrowers

Criminals often send out emails with links to phishing sites (which loads malicious software), copying the style of the Ministry of health, Rospotrebnadzor, the Bank of Russia, the world health organization and others. Bursts similar attacks are recorded in other States.

“We assume that the virus may be exploited by attackers for the duration of a pandemic, it does not exclude the emergence of new techniques introduction of misleading citizens”, – said the Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Dmitry Skobelkin.

Photo: iStock CB waiting for a connection of the savings Bank to the System of quick payments in June

Earlier, experts reported about fraudulent websites that offer tests for coronavirus infection, massive calls with offers to buy antiviral drug, the messages with malicious reference supposedly on behalf of who, and so on.

As a rule, the fraudsters quickly react to any changes in the market and media agenda, noted the Bank of Russia. They can use panic, lack of awareness, the usual worries and fears of people and make money.

the Bank of Russia recommends not to tell strangers not to enter unknown websites your Bank card information, passwords SMS messages, under whatever pretext, these data are neither torturedtrying to find out.