The Bank of Russia announced new measures to support citizens and companies

He let the banks before September 30, do not create reserves in the restructuring of loans to citizens who have lost income due to quarantine measures, and greatly expanded the list of victims of the pandemic of the industries that can be applied concessional restructuring. In addition to tourism and transport, they are now classified almost all forced to suspend the work of the organization – cafes, restaurants, fitness centers, educational institutions, companies, retail trade, shopping centers, dental clinics, as well as companies engaged in conferences and exhibitions. Without such relief, the banks would not have enough capital for a massive debt restructuring (usually it is deferred payment, changing the loan term or rate).

Photo: iStock the tax Increase on withdrawal of income will affect the transit of the jurisdiction of the

Fact caused by the epidemic restructuring should not ruin the citizens of credit history: this Central Bank is preparing a special amendment in the law, and until they are adopted, requests the credit bureaus to calculate individual rating of the citizen without regard to his failing to pay.

the banks were able to meet the borrowers and at the same time not to stop the issuance of new loans, the Central Bank increases the maximum limit on irrevocable credit lines from 1.5 to 5 trillion rubles for the period up to 31 March 2021 and introduces relief for Bank liquidity coverage ratio.

up To 150 billion rubles, the Central Bank will be directed on support of credit business to salaries (see “Payment deferred” in this issue).

Finally, the Bank of Russia for the first time exercised its right to set an upper threshold for acquiring commissions paid by shops to banks for accepting cash payments. This braidwould return online purchases of food and food, medicines and other medical goods, clothing, consumer goods as well – but only on checks in the amount of 20 thousand rubles. – home appliances, electronics and means of communication. From 15 April to 30 September, acquiring a Commission on these purchases may not exceed 1% (on average, according to the Bank, they are 1.2-2.2 percent depending on the type of card or product category). “It will allow people from home, make online purchases, and will also enable merchants to offer goods for everyday consumption delivered to the home,” says the Bank of Russia.

Photo: Ilya Pitalev/RIA Novosti Gref explained to the investors a new tax on large deposits of

participants in the payment market made against administrative regulation of acquiring: it is said in their joint statement, leading to complete monopolization of the market’s largest players, and consumers, as the experience of the US and the EU, will not bring any benefits. Informed about the same arguments that in this sphere have to work only the mechanisms of market competition has led the Bank of Russia, but his position changed after a long and fruitless discussion with retail banks and payment systems.