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More than 500 signatures of Russian writers, publishers and book lovers is in the "Open letter to the scribes in the Government of the Russian Federation". They ask for Cabinet making books in the list of commodities and to prevent the collapse of the book industry
Cosmonautics day is a great opportunity to talk with kids about space. Especially for young researchers, dreamers and future astronauts "RG" picked up seven fun and useful books about astronauts, rockets and the distant stars
The publishing house "Louis" was released the next book in the series "Portrait of the intelligence" about the academician Mikhail Marowe. A scientist who worked side by side with Mstislav Keldysh, left a noticeable trace in astrophysics
Oleg Kuvayev left too early, but managed to say the main thing. "Only if you're not trembling over their own well-being, you can get a man to humanity," said the writer. "RG" recalls the author of "Territory," the day of the 45th anniversary from the date of his death
In the night of 6 to 7 April 1820 Pushkin ends "Ruslan and Lyudmila". In the morning he impatient note informs the Zhukovsky. Vasily sends a response, which invites Cricket to yourself.
Italian journalist Alfredo Accatino back life and dignity to those who lost them forever. He recreated the life stories of 36 brilliant artists from 25 countries, which I won't write in the textbooks on the art
Portal Gadoterate.Of the Russian Federation in the company "Version of Elena Shubina" and the Museum of history of Russian literature launched a project called #Pisatelyami. He talks about how authors survive the withdrawal
Writer Yuri Bondarev was buried in the cimetière Troekurov Moscow. "The cemetery came closest family. Was honor guard, salute three times, - said the Chairman of the Union of writers of the Russian Federation Nikolay Ivanov
The international Booker prize announced the short list. It included six authors from different countries. The prestigious award acknowledges the translated into English works published in England or Ireland
To postpone the withdrawal later will not work, but with the help of a good children's book to overcome the annoyance and get a little breathing room. "RG" has compiled a list of 10 books that parents should pay attention
With the invasion of coronavirus increase in the number of fakes. Moreover, not only associated with numbers. Hoax touched and literature - from Pushkin and ending with Fitzgerald. The journalists found out who was behind it
We have yet to comprehend this loss. And not just for literature. From the last major veteran writer whose prose is, of course, largely determined the development of Russian literature in the second half of the twentieth century.Putin expressed...
Died Yuri Bondarev is a veteran writer, author of novels "Hot snow" and "Silence". Recently, Yuri Bondarev noted 96th birthday, and in may was preparing to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Victory
To panic and to stop work because of the quarantine staff of the Lenin library did not intend. We'll tell you which online opportunities do they open for users
Gadoterate.Russia has launched an online project "the Boldino autumn: then and always". It is based on the letters of Alexander Pushkin, which he wrote during a three month "creative business trip", being in forced isolation for the first time in the history of Russia in cholera
On the portal "Culture.RF" is represented by more than 2.4 thousand feature films and documentaries, 1,6 thousand concerts, 1.3 thousand lectures about 1,000 performances, 700 e-books and 300 virtual tours of Russian museums. Free access to these materials is open to all
180 years ago in Vilnius province was born Frantisek Bogushevich, one of the founders of modern Belarusian literature. But the value of this multifaceted figure far exceeds the comfortable limits of artistic creation, which everyone now can get an idea by visiting the house-Museum of the writer in Caslano Grodno region
Book fair in London, which was to be presented the book of Yury Lepsky "Brodsky just walked away," was canceled amid the pandemic COVID-19. But the Deputy editor-in-chief "RG" Jadwiga Uvarovoy managed to find out who and how to teach Russian language in the UK
The Russian book Union and the government of the Irkutsk region has announced the winners of the literary prize named Rasputin. The award ceremony will be held during the festival "Red square". The first prize was Vladimir Krupin for his book "Airtime"
Five years ago there was Valentin Rasputin. March 15 this year he would have turned 83 years old. Even during his lifetime, Rasputin was clear that this great writer. About the three main themes of his work: memory, conscience and death - in the article "WG"
March 16, Tonino Guerra, would have turned 100 years old. First Deputy editor-in-chief "RG" Yuri Lepsky recalls a trip to the hometown of the poet and artist, and his acquaintance with him. "RG" publishes the conversation that took place then with the Guerra - happiness, culture and talent
Festival "Red square" has announced the launch of applications for free participation in the main book review in the country. This year's big literary festival will be held in the heart of Moscow from 4 to 7 June. The application period will last until April 10
Tomorrow the famous Russian journalist and writer Vasily Peskov would have turned ninety years old. What was Vasily Peskov and how it worked, says the Deputy editor-in-chief "RG" Yuri Lepsky
The author of the novels about the boy wizard Harry Potter Joanne Kathleen Rowling topped the ranking of the most popular writers of the last decade. Also the list includes Agatha Christie and Max fry
Russian bookstores have reported a sharp increase in demand for non-fiction books and films about viruses, epidemics, health and medicine. So, have doubled the sales of the book "pandemic: the world history of deadly viruses"
In Rospechat, the first meeting of the Directorate book festival "Red square". Major changes are expected, but in front of the Gum will be a large pavilion, which will remain until the celebration of Day of Russia. The exhibition itself will be held June 4-7
March 6 marks the 205 anniversary of the birth of Pyotr Yershov's famous fairy tale "the little humpbacked Horse". Check what you remember about this work, translated into 27 languages
Journalist "RG" Nikolai Dolgopolov has released a book of memoirs. It was called "From the notebook Nicholas Dolgopolov. From Francoise Sagan to Abel". Writer Pavel Basinsky called this edition "the encyclopedia of our life"
This tale of 19-year-old Shpalikov Genes are not included in one edition. And the story is wonderful, purely salikovsky. He's like a March wind with the fly captivates us.
In Rospechat held a meeting of organizing Committee on preparation and celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Nekrasov in December 2021. In the discussion that took place under Mikhail Seslavinsky, was presented and approved in General the logo of the anniversary celebrations
March 3 is world wildlife day. RG made up a selection of books that will help spot the elusive beauty of nature and feel the strict laws of the animal world
In Moscow started the preparation for the biggest book festival in the country - "red square". It will be held from 4 to 7 June in the capital - themed tents stretched from the Columbia river to the place of execution. An important theme of the festival 2020 will be the 75th anniversary of the Victory
220 years ago was born the great Russian poet Evgeny Boratynsky. "Where grow great poets? Where do they come from? These questions are not so easy to answer. But in the case of Boratynsky is just simple. He was born and raised in the wonderful, rare and perhaps even unique to the family," says Yury Lepsky
On the last day of winter, February 29, Fedor Abramov would have turned 100 years old. Countryman of the writer and literary critic has told about the life of a representative of "village prose" in the province
The international Booker prize called the authors who expect to win this year. In the long list of one of the most prestigious literary awards, got 13 books
The exhibition "How does a tale: a book worlds of Boris Diodorova" opened at the branch of the State literary Museum "apartment house Lubomirskich of Vernadsky". The fabulous worlds created by one of the best book graphics of our time, will enchant until April 5
In "the Russian newspaper" premiered videoknigi "Read Abramov. Brothers and sisters". The participants of the event noted: we must turn to the writer constantly, not only in connection with the anniversary. The theme of the North of the country has become one of the main presentations
Just hearing the tune of "the Lonely accordion", we calm down. The song was written by composer Boris Mokrousova, it was originally a poem by Mikhail Isakovsky "all stopped Again until dawn...". If you look at the manuscript of the poet, we can see that the poem is two stanzas long song

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