What books to read with children to the Day of cosmonautics

First flight into space

movie of Montvid Alexander I.

Artist: Zorina Svetlana

Moscow: AVANTA, 2020

Physicist, a biographer and editor of children’s magazine Alexander Movie Montvid and artist Svetlana Zorina recreated in the smallest details, diagrams and pictures the history of the national cosmonautics, from the first ideas of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. The first rocket, the first launch of the first four-legged astronauts, the danger of weightlessness, the crew of the first space and the first man in space. They find out what is rocket and how to construct a spaceport, glance at the training base for astronauts and try to unravel their callsigns (by the way, do you know someone called “Falcon”, “Hawk” and “Chaika”?), explore the vastness of the universe and calculate the trajectory of missiles. In the second part of the book contains biographies of our outstanding scientists, inventors and astronauts. And so nobody is confused in the chronology of cosmic discoveries, the author made a detailed calendar that starts on 4 October 1957 and describes all significant events until August 2012. In our opinion, this book will be a great present for cosmonautics Day.

Earth and Moon. Space tales

Elena Oleva

Artist: Anna Mamaeva

M: Clever, 2020

Elena Oleva wrote a series of cosmic stories for the youngest readers to easy and fun to introduce them to serious scientific knowledge about stars, planets and asteroids. The main character of this tale is a charming little Moon is constantly embroiled in some unusual cosmic history, and only thanks to the helpful tips of good Earth it will be able to cope with everything. It all started with the fact that the Moon decided to find a family…

From this book children learn what methearity rain, is a black hole in space and why we see the moon then skinny, then full-and how this phenomenon is called the astronauts. Familiarity with the universe you can continue with another book Elena Ulevoi “the Solar system. The cosmic tale”.

How to construct space. You and the universe

Dara O”Brien, Kate Davis

Artist: Dan Bramall

Translation: N. Isakov

M: Willie Winkie, 2019

How to make so that the child has learned even the most difficult topics? To tell fun, exciting and humorous. Did a famous English comedian, and part-time physicist and mathematician Dara O Brien. He tried on the role of the Joker-guide who invites you to take a tour of the boundless expanses of our Universe. You already prepared? Not afraid to be crushed, burned or frozen? Still I dream to see black holes, exploding stars and the moon? If you don’t change your mind, then put on a space suit and go. You have to solve the Big Bang Theory, to see how far is the universe, and to visit many planets and satellites, breaking the speed of sound and light. And who knows, maybe then your child will be able to unravel the laws of life and to take a fresh look at time and space.

Journey into space. Amazing facts about the Solar system

Peter Ekberg

Artist: Andres Nyberg

Translation: Daria Dolgopolova

M.: Walking through history, 2018

Palcomix, parenticide will acquaint children with the structure of the Solar system and talk about the origin of comets and asteroids. Professor of Astro and his young friends Jack and Yuni fly on a space ship assembled… “from the wreckage”. During your travel they will visit all the planets of the Solar system, and readers learn a lot about them: why is Uranus blue color that stain on the surface of Jupiter why on Venus are acid rain… the Story of each planet is accompanied by the information line that contains the short description: the name of the planet and its type, the number of satellites, the radius and the distance to the Sun, the length of the astronomical year and the solar day. Thanks to the “Handbook of Professor Astro” readers will be able to get for more information about the Big Bang, galaxies and stars.

But keep in mind, this book is still meant for advanced and thoughtful of the reader.

Space. 4D-encyclopedia

Vyacheslav Lixo

Moscow: AVANTA, 2019

In the 21st century children do not just want to read books and seen pictures, they want to see, listen and feel what they read. Especially for them was created 4D encyclopedias with augmented reality. However, in order to get around the galaxy, to twist in all directions of the planet and to take apart the spaceships and spacesuits will need a tablet or smartphone and a special application. But you will not only learn many new interesting facts and will even be able to hear the voice of the universe. This book is recommended for children of middle and old age (indeed, there are many specific and detailed information), but we think that younger kids will be interesting to examine volumetric images and so, effortlessly, to the mysterious space.

the Astronauts, now boarding!

Pierre-françois Moreau

Matilda George

Translation: Pauline Kichigina

M: Clever, 2019

Pierre-françois Moreau is Executive editor of the section “Space”, the biggest French magazine Air et Cosmos, and in their encyclopedia for kids, he collected only the historical facts, verified information and real quotes by famous astronauts. But the book itself is reminiscent logbook, a documentary film and a comic. Young readers will be a crash course of training for space flight learn all about the structure of the rocket and the nuances of flight control, get acquainted with the daily routine on the space station and “try” space food, learn to save space, air, water, and will experience weightlessness, try on a space suit and fix the station in outer space. After a successful return to earth can offer to young researchers to think about how to organize an expedition to Mars.

Space. Activiti for young pochemuchek

Olga Koval, Daria Ermilova

M..: Clever, 2020

This interactive book we recommend for those who already knows something about space and want to test their erudition and wit. A small reader will become a intergalactic astronaut and go with a responsible job. This would require intelligence, ingenuity and courage, as well as pencils, scissors and paper. This book was conceived and created in conjunction with the Methodists of the Museum of entertaining Sciences “Eksperimentanium”. Activiti is built on the education system STEAM – tasks combine from 5 subjects: S – science, T – technology E – engineering A – art M – mathematics (science, technology, engineering, art, math).

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