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Now in the book market and publishing practice, not to mention film and television, triumphs serialnet. Series “Portrait of intellect” St. Petersburg publishing house “Louis” of such conveying is fundamentally opposed to. The type of this edition is difficult to determine in the usual formats of a book or album. Both in form and in fact it is the portraits. Portraits of outstanding Russian scientists of our time, appear to us, both inwardly and outwardly.

In the conditions of boom of the biographical genre of the book “monuments” has received many media persons, artists and writers, politicians, and generals, athletes and entertainers. Scientists are “close-UPS” are awarded much less frequently. The more valuable is implemented in these series of meaningful co-creation of the journalist Victor Radzievskiy and photographer Sergei Novikov.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/RG As the winner of the state prize, academician Pustovoit was in disgrace

Each such publication, a hundred and fifty or two hundred pages long don’t let go. It was remarkable culture itself that are holding. Square format textured cover, the font selection, print quality, the ratio of each pair of pages of text, photos, as in poetry, the whiteness of the page – all verified. You want to peer into the face, to think about these judgments. And to relate the portraits and statements of various books of this series together.

For naming species human Homo sapiens emphasizes the mind as defining our property. But the properties of this different forms and varying degrees of obviousness. And perhaps the most attractive and yet the most difficult to comprehend – the mind, raised to the power of the intellect. Is it because scientist and Homo sapiens sounds tautologically?

What makes a person a scientist? What he sees his mission? How are his relationships in the academic world and outside it? What is the pairing in the activities of the scientific person’s creative and business began, the gift of health? The heroes of this portrait gallery (and has published sixteen issues) to answer such questions in their own way, but listening to their monologues, each time convinced that a great scientist is always and ambitious personality. And the greater man, so it is unique. And here determines the nature of every scientist the excitement of the search for truth is organically combined with the author’s emphasis on the attainment of this “we”. Built in the principle of “echinoidea” becomes a fascinating Humanities.

the Fundamental science – the factor of national pride

Because of that jet in the thinking and actions of Gennady Andreyevich Month, which is still in his youth one of his senior colleagues said: “Boy hedgehog, with the shaft of the knife” sets off “the Siberian” the gravity of the judgments and actions of the historian Veniamin Vasilyevich Alekseyev. Because of that diplomatic strategy led by the Academy of Sciences after the collapse of the Soviet system of Yuri Sergeevich Osipov, storageplease microphones and spotlights, is equally interesting is that of public manifestation known throughout the country of Dmitry Likhachev.

Michael Marov – among those who designed and implemented the program “the Moon”, “Venus”, “Mars”, “Phobos”. Photo: RIA Novosti

this time with us – Mikhail Yakovlevich Marov. His scientific specialization is not clearly defined. Gathered in his youth, Department of Philology (is this not an enviable knowledge of Russian and world poetry?), and graduated as a mechanical engineer prestigious Baumanku, the future academician started his working career at the company, where he was engaged in nuclear reactors. And a few years senior engineer Marov turned out at the Institute of applied mathematics and soon became, without exaggeration, the right hand of the Director. The Director was Mstislav Vsevolodovich Keldysh, combining this post with the leadership of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Photo: iStock scientists explain the formation of the five known moons of Uranus

Not without pride, the hero of the book admits: “I’m Probably the only one today can say that he spoke with three of our legendary “K” – Kurchatov, Korolev and Keldysh”. Communication that brought him into orbit space issues. Now the most authoritative astrophysicist, author of pioneering studies of the Solar system, he was among those who engineered and carried out the memorable in its scale and audacity of the program “the Moon”, “Venus”, “Mars”, “Phobos”. And he managed to become one of the founders of the planetary Aeronomy science disciplines, where the focused mathematics, physics, chemistry and astronomy.

fellow science Marov addresses at international symposia and in a respectable monographs. And this book is the scientist in a personal incarnation. Here Mikhail Yakovlevich is talking, to borrow the title of one of the sections, the biggest. About the choice of life paths. About teachers and colleagues (some of them also received the right to vote in the book). About the joys and anxieties of a modern scientist. About science as art. Introspection, turning into a confession unfolds the fate of a happy man, equal to himself. Every born – remember, they said in one of the plays of the curriculum – for the better. But not everyone can take advantage of this opportunity.

Marovo lucky he is in life all the time, and was accompanied by wonderful people – and be grateful he has spared to them epithets. But this luck is obviously explained by the fact primarily that he was worthy of such jointness. He constantly encouraged himself new challenges and new solutions. Continuing fromchit other, he with all his regalia retains a high willingness to learn.

Speaking of satellites, the scientist said: “the higher the station, the longer its viability”. Able to turn dreams into plans and can carry them out, Mikhail Marov brought himself to science at a very high orbit.

Photo: GettyImages

Not everyone held in their chosen field, a person is able to captivate with a story about yourself and your business. Remember, at a time when domestic TV only was a genre of portrait interviews, an experienced leader tried in vain to give meaningful conversation with one of the most talented then the actors. Marov, of course, a wonderful conversationalist. But not always the spoken word as expressive and captivating when it is translated into text. And that the presence of the author of the post Victor Radzievskiy in this relaxed, seemingly monologue anywhere else – except considerate of the introductory pages – not issue affects his skill as a writer. Naturally becoming a co-author of the text, it precedes the book eloquent explanation: “Study researcher – these words at the time, became a kind of motto of our book “profile of intelligence”. But every meeting with the hero of a future book convinces me of naivety for such a task. The person, managed to place as a prominent scientist in modern Russia, is always a mysterious person, acting irrational sometimes, able to cook your scientific soup. In terms of financial poverty and bureaucratic excess they conduct research, involving dozens, hundreds of specialists, laboratories, institutes. The result is produced from grains, and if you think in terms of academician marova, from dust, how the universe was created.<...> After hours of conversations every time I refuse the desire to build their journalistic version – more honest to provide the reader access to the source: here are the thoughts of the hero of the book his view of the world and himself, are the stories, stories. And – its manner of speech, their words – nothing reflects the character of the cultural layer”.

Photo: Alexander Kryazhev/RIA Novosti Astrophysics for the first time described how to actually build a time machine

In fact, the author’s interpretation there, but the reader is not visible, because hidden behind the fragments of the conversations in the first person, with the choice of thoughts, described episodes, their emotional coloration, semantic accents that relate to the psychology of personality, character traits, ideological position. It is really a rare art, only seemingly simple. And it is typical to books in the series “Portrait of the intellect,” which, in my opinion, has no equivalent.

Everyone remembers the words of the poet of the ecstasy to follow the thoughts of an intelligent man. A sense of immediacy – in both senses – conversations supported by the book video series. Half of her – portraits of the hero. And understand what made these black and white images by photographer Sergey Novikov for just a few days. It would seem that on each double page close-up of one and the same person – not too it is, perhaps, annoying? But the pictures are not staged and the person they are always alive and therefore different each time.

the Current age of the academician, aptly writer Georgi Pryakhin, easy. Solid, that is. But this is precisely the case when the life experience of the face. The experience of late years the prevalent wisdom. New issue of the series “Portrait of intelligence” – the next luck of the publisher. Failures, however, in the series.

Space flight – the card of all mankind. Photo: GettyImages

a Preoccupation with scientific the search appears in this series, an active service of not only truth, but also society. Confirmation pretoriuskop, and practical patriotism. Because fundamental science is a defining factor of national strength, the strategic potential of the country. That’s why with such concern, turning into anxiety, portrayed the characters are talking about the present and future of this national treasure as the Academy of Sciences. Relatively speaking and not wanting any opposition to the Principle of resonance of the memory of Ligachev. But without the support of the authorities (and the E. K. Ligachev, being the first person in Tomsk, scientists really cared!), without interest of the state in the modern world, scientists are helpless.

Here Marov says: “whether we like it or not, we depend on politicians.” Gone are the days when the Ministers came to the reception to academics. And now and FIAN (the famous physics Institute of the Academy of Sciences) found himself in absolute dependence from FANO (Federal Agency of scientific organizations).

Photo: ESA/Hubble & NASA, K. Stapelfeldt Astrophysics found the answer to the extraordinary explosion in space

With the dissimilarity of the disciplines and the difference in biographical and characterological assessments of the characters of this series are unanimous in saying, that support science and academic community is not charity or a favor – it is the mission and function of the state, if it wants to remain civilized and be at the forefront of world development.

the Big personalities in the deficit is always and everywhere. The more their experience and professionalism, the more important is the ability to respond to their thoughts and feelings. Edition series “Portrait of the intellect” give us this wonderful opportunity. I hope that the country will find funds to continue this unique nacinacea.