On the dangerous virus began to cash in scammers of all kinds

the report was told that if the citizen does not want to get a criminal case, he must as soon as possible to transfer the fine specified in the SMS phone number. It is curious that in the information to the owner of the rooms was addressed by name, name and patronymic, and reported price violations – four thousand rubles.

Video: Scammers selling fake medicines seniors

And yet there was the requirement, the penalty must be paid by phone via a terminal of cellular communication.

Interesting, but the fines, according to reports, appointed by the organization with the acronym of the Federal penitentiary service. This is the Federal service of execution of punishments, in other words, prison Ministry, which is no relation to the fines of the citizens and the isolation has not.

When the number of messages exceeds the limit, the police were forced to respond to these TEXTS.

the Author has not yet found, but have found that posts across the country went from Krasnoyarsk region. The police had to clarify that the penal system does not penalize citizens. And the fine can only be obtained according to the Protocol, which should be by the police. And most importantly, the fine will never pay by phone number. But all of you read this warning?

a Misfortune for many, was almost a gold mine for swindlers of all stripes. The scammers fool people for literally everything, which, figuratively speaking, could reach.

recently three residents of the Moscow region, was detained in Moscow while trying to sell fake … tests for coronavirus. The cheaters took 350 fake tests. The question price – 2300 rubles apiece. Well, for the tests were given vacutainer tubes for analysis of blood, filled with the strange substance. The withdrawn samples, the police were sent to the study. The answer is no.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG Authorities warned about fraud with digital badges in social networks

the Desire of making scams on the masks was also not a single phenomenon. Recently some citizen saw one of the social networks to the announcement that a major and respected Russian Bank pays to the inhabitants of the country compensation for the acquisition of disposable medical mask. To get the money from the Bank, you just have to fill in a modest application form on the website. The woman went to the link, after which the questionnaire indicated your phone number and all details of your Bank card, which was supposed to come payments. Gullible lady has understood that became a victim of fraud, only when her phone number got a text from her Bank that all funds from her accounts written off.

the Other citizens began to receive a few days calls supposedly on behalf of the airlines. In this case, the scammers appeared to know who I’m calling – called by their first name and surname. These people offer to return the money for the cancelled flights. For a refund just something you want to let your Bank card information.

But the easiest prey for such deceivers were vulnerable people – the elderly. Scammers are calling them on the phone or in the door. And presented doctors, volunteers, social workers. They offer the elderly be tested for the presence of a dangerous disease, bring a cure for the virus, to issue benefit… the list goes on. After learning the details or once in the apartment, these people carry money and valuables..

the report said that if the citizen does not want to get a criminal case, it must translate to the fine specified in the SMS phone number

law enforcement officials say that amid the outbreak of the coronavirus aktivizirovatü online fraudsters collecting personal data of citizens. This was warned by Roskomnadzor. According to the Ministry, now massively distributed about recommendations for the prevention of the disease, the authors mailing asking users of social networks, instant messengers provide them with phone numbers, email addresses, banking and other data.

Photo: AP Photo/Paul Sancya In Moscow, fraudsters traded pseudoatom for coronavirus

Seeing that people began to be suspicious of requests to disclose personal data and credit card details, the fraudsters moved on. They announced a campaign called “Anticreation”. It looks as follows – crooks call the guy and offer to get in on the action. In this case, the interviewee reported that the government has decided to pay each participant compensation from the state in the amount of 150 thousand rubles. Citizens explain that to obtain this amount, they do not need to leave the house. But the main thing – in any case not to tell anyone their personal data or credit card data. It calms people. The caller further reported that to obtain the required amount it is only necessary to enter a few characters and a certain combination of numbers. And if people believe the deceivers, the scammer will have access to the SIM card. Then the money will disappear.

But the personal data of citizens, the crooks used not only to withdraw money with their cards. The other day police officers detained in the capital two men who sold counterfeit drugs retirees.

it Turned out that the men had bought a database with personal data of Muscovites and phoned pensioners, offering them to buy drugs, because they have allegedly detected serious diseases, including cancer. Presented by the staff of the clinics. After the frightened people agreed to them came the courier and gave them expensive “medicine”, which was glucose solution.