In Podolsk drunk stole an Ambulance and rammed the car of traffic police

Quite inadequate to the act, but, rather, even the crime was committed by a drunken resident of Podolsk, Moscow region. The local Manager of an ambulance station reported to the duty of the Moi of Russia for the city district of Podolsk, about what the garage box was stolen one of the official vehicles of physicians.

the family man cut the wheel more than 70 cars

“during a patrol near one of the houses on the street Fedorova, the traffic police found the car “ambulance”, at which wheel there was an unknown man, – said the head of the press service GU MVD of Russia Moscow region Tatyana Petrova. – Seeing the police, the offender locked the doors and ignored repeated police demands to exit the vehicle”.

After that the attacker tried to escape, thus committing a collision with the official car of traffic police. Then the criminal started to move in the direction of the police, endangering their lives and health. “Quickly assessing the situation, the police to stop the car fired three shots at the wheels, but the offender managed to escape,” said Tatyana Petrova.

Police gave chase and the persecution overtook the hijacker. The man abandoned the car near one of houses on Karl Marx street and tried to escape through the yards. But was detained by employees patrulno-sentry duty of police.

near Kaliningrad thieves stole a car with a sleeping master

In the suburban Chapter of the interior Ministry said that the offender was delivered to the duty part of the 2nd divisionand the police Ministry of internal Affairs of Podolsk. Arrested was 39-year-old local resident. A medical examination showed that he was in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

the Police now carries out an inspection by results of which a decision will be made in accordance with the law. Most likely, criminal case will be brought against the detainee.