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Friday, May 14, 2021
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Analysts have lowered the forecast price of a barrel of Brent by $ 11 this year due to the prospects of a reduction in Chinese oil imports
This was announced by Vice-President ATOR Dmitry Gorin
This was announced by Deputy mayor for economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Yefimov
At the end of December of last year Moscow and Kiev signed an agreement to continue the transit of gas through Ukrainian territory
To transport through the customs border of the EAEU amounts over $ 100 thousand dollars, you need to provide additional documents
The organization said that this indicator is directly linked to the fact that Russia does not buy oil, and produces
According to the press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, the contacts on the oil crisis can be implemented
According to the Deputy from the liberal democratic party, women's labour at home should be supported by financial
The Secretary said Pompeo, we are talking about deliveries at competitive prices
The law "On consumer basket" suggests the decline of the subsistence minimum
Participants will learn how to spend money on brand development, how to develop effective strategies and avoid mistakes
The new bill of the state Duma assumes that retail will follow more strict rules
Also among the new conditions stated that the booking of additional capacity in one quarter will grow by 10% per month at 20%.
The service grants users the details of the proposals on the website
According to experts, the head of Amazon has more than $ 120 billion
Experts estimate that the greatest benefit will be received by the holders of two-bedroom apartments
Analyst Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin has made a prediction about possible price increase of 10-15% in case of delays in supply of equipment
Additional issues for business are numerous penalties
The ruble is quite a stable currency, he said
The U.S. dollar and the Euro have moved to higher on Wednesday afternoon after a morning of strengthening
This step is associated with ambiguous interpretation of the concept of the minimum wage
Victor Vodolatsky expressed the view that the single currency in Russia and Belarus will appear not earlier than 2030
The amendment will affect farms that carry out business activities without registration
Experts believe that this phenomenon is due to a new car recycling fee
This will lead to the stability of the social standard
The credit institution regularly underestimated the size of reserves for possible losses on loan debts
Rent apartments in Moscow will rise in price. Experts said the price increases closer to the summer at least 5-10%
This was stated by the head of the Fund Maxim Topilin
Lukashenka also instructed to hold negotiations on the draft Protocol, allowing to make it not a fundamental character change