The CPS advised not to stock up on products for the fashion industry, and carefully choose the products

Rospotrebnadzor gave the Russians a recommendation for the purchase of products during a pandemic, otautau to stock and telling about the basic rules of food deliveries to the house. This was reported on the website of the Supervisory authority.

“it is Not recommended to stockpile and to buy food. Grocery stores in continuous operation and maintain a minimum amount of basic foodstuffs. In the overdue cereals, nuts, dried fruit could become infested granary pests (food moths, etc.) and harm to health”, – is spoken in the message.

the Department also made recommendations in the selection of products in the store during a pandemic and spoke about the main rules of on delivery products at home. Store the handle of shopping carts or baskets should be cleaned with a damp cloth or keep her hands in gloves. It is noted that first it is better to choose products stored at room temperature, and perishable items from freezers to take in the last turn.

it is Also recommended to give preference to packaged products, especially if their use is planned without heat treatment. You need to carefully inspect the packaging of the goods, to pay attention to the expiration date and composition, not to acquire products that can cause an allergic reaction.

“it is Important to note the conditions in which products are stored in the store and do they correspond to the temperature specified by the manufacturer. If the storage temperature at the place of sale above the specified by the manufacturer, it is better to abandon the purchase”, – stated in the message.

Ready to eat products should not be placed on the same shelf with raw food, as this may cause contamination of finished products and further lead to food poisoning or intestinal infection. The same rules apply when placing products in the grocery cart and when handling them in bags and PAchum salmon at the checkout.

As reported in the CPS, upon delivery of the products at home, you should wash your hands before you open the packages. “If you ordered a house of perishable food products, they have to bring in a bag in the fridge or in the two contacts. If this requirement is delivery is not met, you can withdraw from the purchase as delivery is not provided the required storage temperature of products,” – said the Agency.

it is Also recommended to check the expiration dates, package integrity, no dents and swollen lids in metal cans. On fruits and vegetables should be no signs of decay, mold and rot, raw meat, poultry and fish should be Packed separately from the vegetables, fruits, deli and grocery products. “If the service is rendered defective or was delivered damaged products, you may leave a message on the website of Rospotrebnadzor with indication of the trade and the admission of violations”, – stated in the message.

Earlier it was reported that on the background of panic due to the spread of the coronavirus weekly dynamics of the sales of everyday products in Russia reached a new record. The figure exceeded even the value pre-Christmas weeks – the most active period of the buyers.

Leaders of growth of sales remain the goods of long storage, especially canned meat, sales of which surged by 253%. Sales of buckwheat in physical terms increased by 209%, and rice 224%, pasta – by 192%. 150% increase in the demand for wet wipes, at 138% of sugar, 112% – toilet paper.

In mid-March, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed concern in connection with the fact that the Russians rushed to buy necessary goods in stores. The head of state wished the officials as soon as possible to reason with the citizens. “It is important that people understand that [the situation] reliable not to waste deNegi on products, which then have to be disposed of”, – Putin said.