In the crowd,

the crowd that Putin will arrive to lay flowers to the monument to Anatoly Sobchak in the anniversary of his death, inform the local media In the crowd, “bystanders”, with whom Putin met in St. Petersburg in February, revealed Prigogine and loyal officials
the Press service of the President of Russia that Putin will arrive to lay flowers to the monument to Anatoly Sobchak in the anniversary of his death, had previously told the local media
the Press service of the President of Russia

the BBC Russian service after examining photos of the February meeting between President Vladimir Putin and “bystanders” in St. Petersburg, discovered in the crowd of officials and employees “Troll factory”, which is associated with “Putin’s cook” Yevgeny Prigozhin, and graduates of “school of young politician”, created with the participation of consultants of the same Prigogine.

the fact that Putin will arrive to lay flowers to the monument to Anatoly Sobchak in the anniversary of his death, inform the local media. The exact time was not known, but the quarter on Vasilevsky island cordoned off since the morning, and to the left of the monument installed a fence made of bulletproof glass.

one of the most a good position was a member of “United Russia” Alexander Baidakova, awaiting the appearance of Putin on the streets for about an hour. She even managed to be photographed with the President. The she then posted in “Vkontakte” with the caption: “Best friend”. BBC Baidakova known as head of Department commenting prigorovskaja RIA FAN included into media holding “the Patriot.”

the Video from the point where stood Baidakov, subsequently appeared in an anonymous Telegram-channel “1703” another resource “Troll factory”. Her former employee said that “1703” is allegedly an independent channel covering news of St. Petersburg, one of several such. The purpose of these channels is “to collect neutral audience and occasionally make a “25-th frame”, vbrasyvaya “factory” news”, for example, about opposition Deputy in the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky. On elections of the Governor “1703” was used as a platform for campaigning for Alexander Beglov.

BBC Journalists also learned, in the crowd, head of the district administration vasileostrovskogo RAYONA Eduard Ilyin and his Deputy Vitaly Martynenko. Ilyin was mentioned last year in reporting on the St. Petersburg schoolchildren forced to March to a historical reconstruction with military equipment in cold and rainy weather. Ilyin denied the coercive nature of the event.

His Deputy Martynenko known in the city as a Cossack chieftain and former member of the legislative Assembly. In the back row at a meeting with Putin, the situation was controlled by the first Deputy head of administration of the Vasilievsky island, Galina Koroleva. In 2011 and 2014 she was accused of involvement in the training of teachers and district election commissions the methods of manipulation in the elections. The Queen in this regard appealed to the court to protect her reputation, but did not succeed.

with the Queen for a chat with Putin’s people observed the chief specialist of Department of youth policy and work with public organizations of administration of Vasileostrovsky Maria Lapshina. And the head of Department of questions of legality, law and order and security of the regional administration Igor Dashko, according to witnesses, deciding who can stay at the monument to Sobchak.

the Queen and Martynenko said that no invitations and qualifiers to meet with Putin was not the President “in seconds” has decided to approach people. SREI participants of the meeting, the air force also recognized three employees of the financial service of development company “Glavstroy SPb”, which is one of the largest contractors in the Smolny Institute, and a graduate of the “school of young politician” Mary Sosunovo. This organization was created for the elections of 2019 on the basis of Committee on the youth policy of the Smolny with participation of consultants Prigogine, who worked in the campaign headquarters of Alexander beglova. Head of school – Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia” Ilya Kostunov.

Career husband of Sosunovo associated with structures of “Rosneft” and “Gazprom”, he actively praises Putin in social networks and criticizes the “Pro-American Yeltsin’s Constitution.” Close to Putin at the February meeting were able to get even one of his ardent defender in social networks, a leading accounts under the name Maria S. She also argues that there was no selection, but some people went to the monument to Sobchak purposefully, knowing “that at this time should come”.

Recall, that day the head of state managed to break students and vocational rehabilitation for the disabled College Zinaida Belikova: she asked Putin how to live on a pension of 10.8 thousand rubles. Putin admitted that it was “very difficult”, adding that he had “not the highest salary.” Later he offered to prescribe in the Constitution the provision requiring the indexation of pensions “at least once a year.”

Family Belikova after a complaint, the President was delighted: she and her son found a job, an elderly mother was offered a trip to the resort, even promised to make cosmetic repairs in the apartment.

“Everything turned out absolutelyon spontaneously – told Belikov of the air force. – I have no text prepared, just saw and wanted. Missed the guards without any difficulties. I think they understand the psychology of people, the more they work surrounded by such good, very affectionate, attentive ruler, which is Vladimir Putin. They immediately realized that to me there is no danger”. Two other students of the same College for people with disabilities the same favor from the guards Putin did not wait, as gifts from the authorities.