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Ahead of the weekend, you will need to spend at home due to the regime self-isolation. And it can be done for the benefit of the soul. For example, go to the Museum and visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem
Ministers have published advice for those who are forced to stay home due to the coronavirus. Told about books that can be read. How to rest from work on udalenke. And showed their fitness at home
The garbage was a big problem for the correspondent "RG" that is quarantined by the coronavirus. If not relatives and friends, would not have helped even ecoconception Zero waste. But not everyone is so lucky
In reference Nizhny Novgorod children's policlinic correspondent "RG" reported that all the doctors working normally, vaccinations are on schedule. However, the rules of the game are changing before our eyes. It is necessary to follow
Isolation with children is a great challenge. Especially with students. Many families have to buy computers, parents - to develop special programs. And prepare with the children for exams
After two weeks of quarantine coronavirus get out of it? There is a confirmed order? I guess not. Correspondent "RG" has decided to check it out. But for all the isolation the doctor it never came
Coronavirus infection in second cases in Novosibirsk found after repeated tests. Clinical manifestations of the disease she never showed up. However, without symptoms, as a rule, the tests do not take
Ten days in voluntary isolation correspondent "the Russian newspaper". But the hospital she never brought. Soon at work, and in the shortage of masks. There are other problems. Common to all
The Italian owners of hotels and ski resorts advise visitors from Russia, it is not too late to come home. But air traffic is suspended. And it is not clear what to do in this situation

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