Russian Ministers help to survive the withdrawal

11-day self-isolation.

a Colleague sent me an interesting link on the website of the Ministry for development of Russian Far East and the Arctic was published advice to people who have been forced to stay home due to the coronavirus.

But the mode of self-isolation – a great opportunity for almost every Department closer to the citizens, I thought. To indulge in virtual tours is usually closed to outsiders premises, run a variety of interactive, to tell you how isolated themselves with their employees. In General, to show a good example.

And I went to explore the official sites in search of how to respond to the quarantine different structures.

Ministry of Russia made a good list of literature about the far East and the Arctic. The head of Department Alexander Kozlov was advised to take up the study of the works and the biography of Gennady Nevelskoy, Russian Admiral and founder of Nikolayevsk-on-Amur. The first Deputy Minister Sergey Terziev reminded of the classic adventure novel by Vladimir Arsenyev about the Nanai hunter Dersu Uzala. Selection has turned out diverse and informative. Hardly enough for 14 days of quarantine to read the entire list. But to learn a lot – you can.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG How to protect children on the Internet during the quarantine

the Theme of the Arctic picked up by the Ministry of environment. The staff of the national Park “Russian Arctic” – the specialists in insulation. They live away from the outside world from June to October. There are more advanced – those who are likely to remain there for the winter.

it Turned out that the General principles of privacy in the far North and in the average Russian city similar. Physical activity, the interests of all who share with you the self-isolation, competent supplies of food and a day regimen. All this will help to survive in the Arctic, and at home with the familyth.

the Ministry of sports of the Russian Federation on the occasion of quarantine have launched an action designed to support a home workout. For hashtag in Instagram among the most popular publications I’ve managed to find the advice of a member of the national team of Russia on judo Andrey Martirosov, challenge with prizes from the motorcycling Federation of Russia, selections from the fitness clubs.

a Personal example by training in isolation was filed and the Minister of sport of the Altai Krai Alexey Perfilyev, showing how sports at home with his family. Not left and the head of the Omsk Department Dmitry Krikoryants, showing your home workout on the stationary bike, and then on the gymnastics Mat in the company of a kitten and dog.

the Deputy Minister of health of Russia Oleg Salagay in his telegram channel supported the theme of physical activity on the quarantine and wrote a few tips on how to fill your day with movement. Among them – active breaks “bar”, stretching, dancing with children.

Study: Teens who suffer the most in conditions of isolation

“More stand, not sit, – tells the Deputy Minister. – Ideally, you want to abort the seat every 30 minutes to a little stand. You can always try to replace a sedentary activity with some more successful, during which you can stand. It can even be read or the game.”

That’s how interesting I found. But while the personal example of officials and their advice on quarantine rather the exception than the rule. Which is a pity.

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