Self-isolation will be easier in the Louvre, the Prado and the Tretyakov gallery

12-day self-isolation.

Ahead of the weekend, you will need to spend at home. Need to do this for the benefit of the soul: for example, go to the Museum. Virtual opportunities are a lot.

to Start, I decided on the Louvre, especially in Paris to visit until I had to. The famous Museum offers four virtual tours. Full 3D tour can be called the first in the list.

Photo: EPA-EFE/IAN LANGSDON In Paris for the fashion industry, closed the Eiffel tower and the Louvre

This is a small exhibition gallery, the most relevant: it will last in real time up to 29 June 2020. Dedicated to the exhibition of the geniuses of the Renaissance. The overall design of it – to see how varied the status of the artist with the change of times, to build the transition from the anonymous masters of the middle ages to the recognizable and famous author of the Renaissance. Of the minuses can be noted that all the accompanying information in the French language, not even English version. Click and take a closer look all of them presented works, but only those that the authors of the tour felt deserved the most attention.

the other Three virtual tour of the Louvre require you to install flash player if it is not in your browser. I have all three, unfortunately, just hung out, full “walk” failed.

Photo: Vladimir Vyatkin/RIA Novosti Russian museums entice virtual visitors

But through the main page of the site it is possible to consider in detail the portrait of the Marquise de Pompadour by Francois Boucher or download the appe, which will allow virtual reality to immerse themselves in the study of the Mona Lisa. In reality, to study the masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci unlikely: a small portrait hidden under glass and surrounded by Museum visitors.

On the website of the Prado Museum in Madrid I was not able to find a full virtual tour. But here it is possible to consider in detail the famous masterpieces of world art, make your own excursions, which can be shared with friends. Without English or Spanish will not do: however, in the age of online translators it’s not a problem.

Now in Madrid Museum every morning satisfied with online tours live Instagram, make sure we don’t miss a visit – subscribe, you will receive a notification. Esters available in the record IGTV, comments in Spanish.

Photo: Sergey Pyatakov/RIA Novosti Tretyakov has uploaded the full archive of its exhibitions

Our native Tretyakov gallery has launched a new online project #of Tretyakovka. Now you can see the full photo archive of the exhibitions of the Museum: 47 expositions available on Yandex.Collections. On the YouTube channel of the Tretyakov gallery, there are online tours, and lectures, and documentary films. I looked the most recent, dedicated to the hall of Vasnetsov – the story of the guide Tatiana Ivanova is very exciting and will appeal not only adults but also students. The video made professionally and very efficiently, is a pleasure to watch. Some exhibitions have a separate online educational projects, which are also published on the website of the gallery.

a Bonus to the three great museums by the end of the next day of our quarantine, I visited again the virtual – temple of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Panoramic visualization of the temple is done very efficiently, there’s an audio callalaudae enhance the effect of the presence – somewhere in the chorus, where classic music. All explanations are given in Russian, the tour is very informative. Do not be bored in isolation!

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