Apartment tenants on quarantine coronavirus drown in garbage

The eighth day isolation

We quarantine practiced separate collection of plastic. There is nothing complicated: all food packaging to be processed, is rinsed, crushed to compact and sent in a special bag, hidden away from the eyes. When accumulated a sufficient amount of plastic for recycling. A matter of habit.

Since plastic is sorted, what’s next?

Friends excitedly joked, offering options from throwing garbage from the 17th floor of “the birds” before falling in a mess into the toilet everything that is possible. I did not fail to call in Nizhny Novgorod water utility responsible for Sewerage. Responded quickly to throw down the toilet, nothing is impossible, moreover, what he actually intended.

Photo credit: Dmitry Feoktistov/TASS Volgograd fat tube clogged drains

“In 2019 sewer network of the Nizhniy Novgorod Vodokanal occurred 4.5 thousand blockages, said the Agency. – 80% of cases associated with the use of the residents and organizations of the Sewerage network is not misused. Please do not discharge into drains solid waste. This can cause blockages and sewage flooding the apartment, the basement of the house or the local area”.

Comrades in quarantine, let us give up all the world to arrange the municipal disaster! Will look for other options.

the first Option, realistic

My girlfriend has been practicing fashionable environmental concept Zero waste (in English, zero waste) in the Lite version. According to her, the easiest way to begin reducing the amount of waste due to food wastes.

“we Have a country where we, of course, go infrequently. For compost, you can send all the biodegradable waste. Highlight the box in the freezer, to put a great package and put all leftover food”, – she wrote me on messenger. If you overcome all the possible “fu”, then the solution is real. At least this will reduce the frequency of rubbish removal in quarantine.

the second Variant, optimistic

Sitting in quarantine, it is realistic to reduce the total amount of waste produced. For example, we refused to buy the cat litter tray. If I’m home, what’s the problem rinse all at once?

Photo: iStock Russians began to prefer ecological bags to plastic bags

All the cardboard packaging we have started to add a separate like plastic. Surely in each apartment, there are many hidden corners where you can hide something in processing on time – balconies, pantry, vacant corners.

Sure there will be someone who will twist a finger at a temple, but I came back to the forgotten childhood the principle of the wash cups of the sour cream and other things. Not useful in the country or for re-use – throw then when you can go outside.

the Main thing that the house reduced the amount of debris that needs to be made as soon as possible.

the third Option, exotic

a Funny way of dealing with food waste, I was unexpectedly offered my colleague is an avid fisherman: “Mash, and I’ll bring your box of worms? And then taken away”. From new Pets I refused, and contact with the outside world should be reduced, especially to keep their native colleagues. But about worms to learn more decided if someone will be interested in such Exotica?

Photo: Anna Kondratyeva Without waste. The team got carried away vermiforme

My colleague on the phone said that he knew two varieties cultivated by the fishermen of worms – California imported and domestic “prospectors”. The premium approach to the issue, you can buy vermicomposter: 400 grams adults will eat about 200 grams of food waste.

Represents the device box on legs where you need to add water. You will drain from the box through a special faucet is not water, and fertilizer – the vermicompost in the liquid form, which I buy in the store gardeners and growers.

With proper handling vermicomposter do not smell it bred fruit flies, and when the “farm” tired – worms can be released into the wild in the garden. If the reluctance to spend money on the finished setup, you can make a composter yourself from building boxes, as do many fishermen. And worms to buy.

by the Way, fans are practicing Zero waste conventional composting where food scraps into fertile land not processed by worms and bacteria. Such an installation does not take up much space, does not require special skills and does not smell. Greta Thunberg would have approved!

the Amount of debris reduced, and where to put it?

the Official statement of Rospotrebnadzor says that the trash needs to be Packed in double garbage bags durable, close tightly and put outside the apartment. Then ask for help from friends, family or volunteers.

Photo: iStock Lawyer told me what a quarantine is different from isolation

Obviously, in a global sense coronavirus – it’s about human relationships. I’m so grateful to my friends and colleagues who are from different parts of the city were ready from the first day of the quarantine to come just to throw away our trash!

In the end, the problem took Popolam my sister and friend: in the seven days of quarantine due to separate collection we are a family of four people thrown from their help only two trash bags.

Volunteers willing to take on this work, I have not found. All of the ads that was found on the Internet, concerned only the elderly, not the “carantania”. So overall one-stop solution for those who were left alone with the trash without the help of friends, acquaintances and neighbors there.

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