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Changeable weather expected this week in almost all regions of Russia. Warming will be replaced by a sharp cold. On the North of the Krasnoyarsk region - Blizzard, and in the South is warmer than in the Crimea
Yuri Gagarin, resting on a Peninsula, always found the time and opportunity to meet with the Artek campers. And in addition to the unforgettable impressions from communication with him, "Artek" received from Gagarin's gift and the world's first space Museum.
Yalta judo Federation announced to its students contest "Mom, dad, I – sports family!", dedicated to the International Day of sport for peace and development and the world health Day.
Blazing near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant natural fires are unlikely to carry radioactive ash to the Crimean Peninsula, said Professor of General and physical chemistry of Kazan Federal University. Should be on the lookout neighbouring areas of Ukraine and Belarus
In Crimea, detained two natives of Central Asia who were going to travel to Syria to participate in the activities of international terrorist organizations. The suspects - professed radical Islamic ideas
New song Zemfira "Crimea" - melancholic and confessional ballad in which the singer is sad and sadly telling about himself and about his love under meditative guitar strumming. She became the fourth disc, on which Zemfira works in the autumn of 2018
In the Republic of Crimea filed the first case on the violator of the regime of self-isolation of coronavirus. He visited the medical center and infected doctor. Also discovered were nine people for violating quarantine
In recent days, Russia has added 196 confirmed cases COVID-19 IN 16 regions. The country today was 1 036 cases of coronavirus infection in 58 regions. "RG" publishes the full list of cities
In Dzhankoy district Republic of Crimea orphans settled in uninhabitable apartments, no heat, peeling Wallpaper and flaking ceiling tiles. The investigation Department of the Dzhankoysky area GSU SK Russia opened a criminal case against officials of the local administration, not ...
A group of more than 30 hackers arrested in Russia for selling stolen Bank cards in 90 online stores. During the searches swindlers have seized more than a million dollars and three million rubles cash, servers, fake documents
Experts - analysts of the markets of meat, milk, fish, vegetables and grains - has told, how will change the prices in the near future. And what is the factor influence the situation of the pandemic coronavirus
The FSB has published a video of the detention of members of conspiratorial cells in the Russian Federation banned international terrorist organization "ISIS". The accomplices of the militants was identified in the regions
The FSB revealed in the Crimea, the Rostov oblast and Komi underground cell of the banned organization in the Russian Federation "IG". Under the guise of charity channel collected money for terrorist financing
In Crimea and Sevastopol, there are no confirmed mers patients, but measures of increased readiness have already been taken. You need to be ready for any development of events, said President Vladimir Putin to the heads of these regions
The law on amendments in the Constitution allows you to postpone the date of the nationwide vote, it will happen in the case of unfavorable situation with the spread of the coronavirus. This was stated by Vladimir Putin in the Crimea
Film festival "Won together" will take place in Sevastopol for the 16th time. This year it is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the great Victory. Director Vladimir Menshov told the "Union", what will his participation in the festival
Russia will provide assistance to its citizens experiencing problems with the return. This was stated by Vladimir Putin at a public meeting of the Crimea and Sevastopol
The inclusion in the Constitution of social security will make it impossible for the legislative "tricks" that allowed to circumvent these requirements. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He pointed to the need to "reveal the social character of the state"
March 18, residents of Crimea commemorated the sixth anniversary of the Day of reunification with Russia. In all the cities of the Peninsula have passed memorable actions, though because of limitations in connection with the prevention of coronavirus mass concerts had to be cancelled
The sixth anniversary of the reunification of the Peninsula with the Russian President arrived in the Crimea. Vladimir Putin called the health of citizens mainly in the selection of dates nationwide vote on an amendment to the Constitution and urged not to believe the fakes on the coronavirus
In 16 regions of Russia, from the Crimea to Sakhalin, has exposed a major network of underground gunsmiths. The criminal group in a large number of seized guns, machine guns, grenades and grenade launchers
All attempts to create complexity to the inhabitants of the Crimea for reunification with Russia crumbled, said Vladimir Putin. "This is a fair and long-awaited event for the Crimean people, and for the whole country", - said the President
March 18, 2020 - the 6th anniversary of the return of Crimea and Sevastopol to home port. In his article Vladimir Medinsky explains why Crimea historically Russian native land
Attempts to isolate Crimea continues, however, to follow this course to our opponents is becoming increasingly difficult. With this statement, timed to the sixth anniversary of the Treaty of accession of Republic of Crimea into the Russian Federation, addressed to the foreign Ministry
More than 90% of Crimeans welcomed reunification with Russia 6 years ago, polls showed. After these events has improved life and financial situation became more secure, stabilized the political situation, there were more jobs and increased pension
On Monday, Crimea marks the sixth anniversary of the referendum in which more than 95% of Crimeans were in favor of returning the Peninsula to Russian Federation. On the occasion of important dates in the Parliament held a solemn meeting and a concert
The passage of the first commuter train Kerch - Anapa on the Crimean bridge were removed from the copter. Rail bus RA-2 with a capacity of 590 passengers was swept under the arches of the bridge at speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour, overtaking some cars
From the railway station Kerch solemnly went to the first flight rail bus to Anapa. Only commuter trains between Crimea and Kuban has already sold more than 400 tickets
Today, in 14 hours 38 minutes by train to Kerch will start its first flight to Anapa rail train RA-2. On March 7 he will regularly run between the Peninsula and the mainland
Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal believes that Ukraine needs to pump water to the Crimea. It is about water for people's needs and humanitarian responsibility, and not about business or trade
Prime Minister of Ukraine stated the need to resume water supply to Crimea, and then retracted his words. According to the Crimean Senator, are turning the traditional policy of Kyiv, where a significant role is played by the nationalists
The first experimental female crew formed in the Russian Navy. To serve three girls will be on patrol boat "Raptor" in the black sea fleet
The Ministry of resorts and tourism of Crimea declared reduction of prices on vacation in hotels and resorts in 2020. Accommodation for holidays in may became cheaper by 18 percent compared to the 2019 year and in the high holiday season - six percent
In Sevastopol, the court declared wanted by the patient infectious diseases hospital. After a trip to China the girl was in quarantine for the coronavirus, but left the medical facility
March 2 deadline for submitting amendments to the Constitution. It was postponed already twice, but no more delays are planned. On the contrary, all other procedures will be very fast, and already on March 18, the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea, Vladimir Putin, sources say "MK" in the working group, will sign the relevant law. Such haste is necessary not only for the beautiful date. The hardest task will be to organize the vote and to ensure that people come to the sites.
Several new railway routes open for the summer season in the Russian South. Sale of tickets has already begun. For children under 10 years prices are reduced by 70% for passengers under the age of 21 and older than 60 years - by a third. And if you make a round-trip ticket, the cost of return will be 20% lower
In Crimea detained lzhe-the employee of FSB who offered the residents money to help them in the device in the power bodies of the Republic, reports "Says Moscow"
Frigates of the black sea fleet "Admiral Makarov" and "Admiral Grigorovich", armed with missiles "Caliber", began to pass the Turkish Straits of Bosporus and Dardanelles. Ships sent to the Mediterranean sea
To speak about return of Crimea to Ukraine as a condition for the lifting of sanctions - completely useless option
The head of Committee of the Crimean Parliament's public diplomacy and international relations Yuriy gempel called on the head of the US state Department Mike Pompeo to stop speculating Crimea and to learn to live with Russia
Potential restrictive measures against the Russian Federation, which are discussed in the Congress of the United States, not only will not give the expected effect, but may even strengthen the position of Russian banks. About it writes RBC with reference to the experts of the Institute of international Finance (IIF).
Law enforcement bodies of Moscow region opened a criminal case against Colonel Michael Sedakova - the infamous author of the letter to the President of the Russian Federation, in which he sharply criticized the position of Russia in connection with situation in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea to Russia.
According to the Secretary of the national security Council and defence of Ukraine (NSDC) Alexei Danilov, the authorities do not consider scenarios of "military return" of the Crimea
Ukrainian fishermen detained in the Azov sea for poaching, released from prison in Kerch after serving administrative arrest. Complaints about conditions they never said
The self-proclaimed Luhansk people's Republic announced that four attacks on its territory for the day by the Ukrainian security forces
Unusually high temperatures predicted in several Russian regions this week. Deviations from the norm can be up to 20 degrees, said the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand

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