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Combating coronavirus is in different countries, but one of the most tense situation in Spain. At the moment there are ill 148 thousand people, the epidemic has claimed more than 14 thousand lives. What's it like to live in a country where raging epidemic, as authorities fight infection and is it really so scary "MK" said the Manager of the edition "MK-Spain" Alexander SURGUTANOV.
Until the end of the pandemic COVID-19 for employees of the NPP introduced a special environment. Some time they will spend in isolation in the departmental dispensaries. "RG" visited one of these resorts
Thus FC "Sochi" joked the striker "Zenit"
In April, economic activity will fall by 20%, but at year-end will not have the deep failure of the economy or a surge in unemployment and inflation, no significant reduction of salaries, according to the Center for macroeconomic analysis of Alfa-Bank
The ruble was down at the opening of trading, from the data of the Moscow exchange. Dollar exchange rate at the maximum reached 79.2 per ruble, the Euro rose in price to ruble 87,04. The price of a barrel of Brent crude oil reduced by about 3 percent
Transit trains with "sanctions" products went through Russia with electronic navigational seals. Cheese, frozen fish, vegetables and other contraband from Europe can't appear on store shelves under the guise of goods from neighboring countries
"Rosneft" has stopped operations in Venezuela and sold assets associated with this Latin American state. In the state-owned company explained this decision by obligations to shareholders. Now there are counting on the lifting of sanctions against subsidiaries of PJSC
The head of Sberbank German Gref in the appeal to the contributors explained the mechanism of the new tax on deposits over one million rubles. "These decisions apply only to interest income, the contributions themselves are not taxed," said he
Railways cancelled about 20 trains and reduced the frequency of plying more than a dozen compositions, as many Russians began to refuse trips. Services bookings, a wave of requests for ticket refunds
The Russian currency continues to strengthen on Wednesday, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange. The dollar at the low fell to 76,97 of the ruble, the Euro rate was reduced to 83.41 ruble. The ruble went on the offensive, following the positive mood on world markets, analysts said
Actively work on the issue of the return of Russian nationals from Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada, said the Federal air transport Agency. Also now the subject of consultations with the airlines, the schedule which still have flights to Latin America, the return of Russian citizens there
After two weeks of quarantine coronavirus get out of it? There is a confirmed order? I guess not. Correspondent "RG" has decided to check it out. But for all the isolation the doctor it never came
In March, the oil market was in a difficult situation: OPEC+ 6 Mar are unable to agree on a deal to reduce oil production, which led to a sharp drop in prices for raw materials. So, Brent fell by almost half, going from nearly $50 per barrel in the beginning of the month it drops to $25, this is the lowest since 2003.
The Russian currency continues to decline in evening deals on Wednesday, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange. At the peak of the Euro rose to the level of 88,02 of the ruble, the dollar was close to 81 ruble. These are the minimum levels for the ruble since the beginning of 2016
The Russian currency strengthened at the start of trading, from the data of the Moscow exchange. The dollar fell to a minimum before and 73.81 ruble, Euro - ruble to 82,36. This is due to a slight increase in oil prices
The ruble continues to decline on Monday trading. Thus, the dollar exceeded 74 rubles, the Euro was trading above 84 rubles. The national currency weakens against the background of negative dynamics of world indices and oil
At the opening of trading of the Moscow exchange, the dollar rose 1.1 ruble, Euro - by 1.5 rubles. The Russian market followed by markets in other developing countries, despite the fact that on the eve of the U.S. Federal reserve suddenly voided his bet
On March 17 Russian Railways stop message with Moldova and Ukraine due to the coronavirus. Just marked 11 trains along with trailed-on and through coaches from Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as a passing train Baku-Kiev
The company Facebook has temporarily closed three of London's office total number of person in three thousand people after confirmation the employee has symptoms of the coronavirus. This is not the first case of violation of the planned operation of the business due to coronavirus
The dollar on the Moscow stock exchange reached 68 rubles, according to the auction. The last time the "American" exceeded the mark in January 2019. At the same time, the Euro rose above 77 rubles
At the Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo safely landed a passenger plane A320 from Vladivostok. The same anonymous messages in droves today are with other Russian airports.
Passenger liner A-320 was carrying out flight Moscow - Omsk, landed safely at the destination airport. Only when the plane gained altitude, I received an anonymous message about the mining side
The state Duma adopted in the first reading the draft laws on the sale by the Bank of Russia controlling stake of Sberbank and the government on transfer of profits from the sale to the Federal budget. The transaction, which will Finance new social spending
Passenger airliner taking off from Novosibirsk to Moscow, returned to Tolmachevo airport after triggering the sensor to malfunction. Onboard there were 97 passengers and six crew members
The ruble exchange rate at the evening auction is strengthened against the background of early reduction of the base interest rate FRS the USA. The dollar dropped against the Russian currency more than one ruble, the Euro has lost about 90 cents
Given the decline in the value of Sberbank shares, a redemption of securities from minority shareholders will be made at a price exceeding current market. This can lead to an increase in the number of shareholders who wish to take advantage of the offer
Several new railway routes open for the summer season in the Russian South. Sale of tickets has already begun. For children under 10 years prices are reduced by 70% for passengers under the age of 21 and older than 60 years - by a third. And if you make a round-trip ticket, the cost of return will be 20% lower
Died chief designer Sukhoi su-34 Rollan Martirosov. According to colleagues, he until the last days of his life he worked on perfecting his favorite child
The first case of infection with the novel coronavirus confirmed in Denmark, doctors say
Within the “VHL – Cup of the silk road” season 2019/2020 special Commission selected the best striker Feb. They became the Novokuznetsk Maxim Kitsyn.
This was stated by the doctor of medical science Evgenie Achkasov
Michael Kisluk stressed that the main objective is not the collection of fines, and road safety
They bring in national medical research center
About this informed the General Director of RUSADA Yuri Hanus

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