The Thai authorities will extend visas for foreigners until April 30

Photo: depositphotos/Iakov

Thai Authorities extended the visa until 30 April for foreigners who are unable to return home due to the restrictive measures taken in connection with the pandemic of coronavirus, reports TASS.

the Measure applies to those persons whose temporary documents authorizing stay in the country, has ceased to operate on March 26. As for foreigners who come to Thailand until March 23 at the temporary border passes, they may remain in the Kingdom until, until you have open borders.

In relation to the persons who normally live in Thailand and have a residence visa, the validity of their documents will be prolonged for a year, or until the pandemic coronavirus will not subside. In addition, for all foreigners until April 30 to suspend the mandatory provision of the 90-day reporting with proof of residence.

the action Taken is entered to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Thai authorities believe that a long queue in immigration can be a source of mass infection. In March the Minister of tourism and sports Pipat Ratchadaporn said that around 500 thousand foreigners are unable to return due to the fact that European countries have closed their borders.

on April 7, Russia has resumed the export of the citizens from the territories of foreign States. On the same day returned to Moscow the plane from Bangkok, which brought more than 200 people stranded in Thailand. The removal of the Russians involved in the company “Aeroflot”.

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