something had Lämmle the family and its 90 employees never experienced: After the hydraulic and engine oil specialist Panolin AG, Madetswil, ZH, on 10. March had announced for the relief of the disinfectant scarcity of Treasury stock 800 litre to produce (LOOK told), broke down the switchboard with inquiries.

Even family members of staff came to Help, multiple post sets. After six minutes, everything was sold out again.

30’000 Liter

What do you do when you’re so overwhelmed? In the case of this year’s 71-year-old family business was for the leadership to CEO Silvan Lämmle (40) only one thing: “We are clearly needed. It’s on now.” Two tankers have been worried-loads of raw materials are. Next week is now 30’000 litres should be from the disinfectant Panolin Cura available.

A new business model? “Not just!”, Lämmle says, laughing, and then was serious: “be a crisis profiteer against all of our principles. We wanted to do business, we would focus on the core business. We have to do here in the sense of the word, all hands full, because it is manual work and we can’t use our Oil and equipment to do so. But all those hours of work wants, and I can’t charge at all.”

“help Those who help”

“We want to contribute our part and help all those who currently have all,” says Lämmle: “We understand as a Swiss company, as our public order.” That’s why you give the disinfectant is now available in five litre containers or 1000 litre Tanks except on Doctors and hospitals to all “systemically important institutions and companies,” says Lämmle: supermarkets, public TRANSPORT, delivery services, police and much more.

And private customers? You may to add a couple of one-liter containers in the Webshop. But now you have to help the helpers, “without which nothing would be.”

What is the Coronavirus is?

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