they look like miniature versions of the Asian Tuktuks. Not chugging, but sums electrically and to – to E-Scooters and E-Bikes – the range of mobility in the City once again expand. Since the autumn of this egg-shaped car of the Start-ups Enuu except roles by Biel BE also Zurich. Preferably on urban bike paths or on the road and on sidewalks is not allowed.

But in Corona-times we avoid the use of public TRANSPORT anyway – so why not a blue-and-white painted fellow Chen to try? The registration is already easy: App, driver’s licence (min. Category M = Töffli), ID, and credit card scanning and confirmation via Mail wait. Done!

place for (little) Luggage

In the meantime, 150 Zurich E-cart and site-search by App we do not need to search in the urban circle 5 long: At the pre-fourth Enuu arrived to unlock it via Smartphone. In. For large passengers is the leg room like on the head a bit tight. After all, a backpack fits behind the driver.

plus point: Neither Wind nor weather are an issue here. Whether it is in the summer hot as in a sauna? The operation is self-explanatory: turn signal and light to the left of the töffähnlichen Arm, inserted the right gear and the windshield wipers turned on. As a satnav the Smartphone in the adjustable holder is used.

Afloat, but unstable

Now! Switch turn on D as in the machine in the car, and throttle grip on the Handlebars as the bike, already the Enuu whisper quiet. The Topspeed of 30 km/h is reached quickly, the journey is now to the slightly bumpy affair. The Chassis is jerky, the Arm should be held. Cool the maneuverability of the Enuu: Wow, makes the hunt swiftly around tight Bends! However, lupfts too fast-paced journey, this time one of the tiny rear wheels – and we fear at the beginning, tipping the same.

we Do not. What is the Fun cost? The settlement comes after the journey directly on the Screen: free 90, every Minute switch for another 20 cents. This is less than, for example, for E-Scooters due 1.00 Fr is (. Start-Up Fee + 30 Rp./min). And: The first three voyages à ten minutes are for new customers, even for free.

I’m Not a Hipster-mobile

VIEW-conclusion: The Enuus are easy to use, fast, agile, and bring the User in case of rain dry from point A to point B. But let’s be honest: For trend-conscious city dwellers, the Design takes some getting used to and is more reminiscent of a cabin scooter for pensioners as a Hipster-Mobile. But on the Coolness factor, the Biel-based work (see Interview and image distance).

Asked Enuu-Co-founder Luca Placi: “The new Enuus be beautiful”

Luca Placi: it has slowed the economy a bit. And that is why it takes me longer to get Enuu except to Biel and Zurich, Basel and Geneva. However, we will start definitely this year in both cities.

In the case of the use we have – fortunately, one must say – there is no growth, because the people keep in mind, hardly go out. For this, more and more users register in Zurich so far, 500 until June, the number should rise to 2000. This is due to the fact that the Enuus are finally on the road is visible: In the fall of 2019, we started with 20 vehicles, and today we have 150.

Yes! Normally we clean the vehicles once a month, thoroughly – now our employees disinfect it at least once every two days. When the batteries are replaced. Unlike E-scooters, we are working with a Swapping System in which the battery is through our own Team is replaced.

We are aware that our Design does not arrive at all good. Some of them find it funny and cool. We are working to make the Enuus in a new Generation, fashionable and beautiful. For example, with LED headlights and a well-known Form.

The current car – the fifth Generation! – is based on a Chinese model. We develop a private vehicle that is about to come to the end of 2022. And that should then also get the modern Design.

vandalism is, unfortunately, a known issue. Especially in the beginning, as the Enuus were new in Zurich, we recorded high damages. The vehicles are once established in the city, take the damage. Newly we be in each vehicle an Alarm to beeping starts if, for example, is attempting to turn the vehicle to tip over.