The suspect in a fatal shooting during a protest in downtown Portland last weekend has been killed by authorities when agents from a fugitive task force tried to serve an arrest warrant, according to several reports.

Michael Reinoehl, 48, was shot dead in a town near Seattle, Washington on Thursday night – as he reportedly brandished a firearm at officers from the FBI, the US Marshals Service and local police, who moved in to make an arrest, according to law enforcement and DOJ sources cited by the New York Times and the Associated Press.

Graphic footage reportedly showing the aftermath of the encounter has circulated on social media, in which officers are seen attempting to revive a man lying in the road, who appears to be unresponsive.

“I’m telling you, if ya’ll would have heard it, it sounded like fireworks, that’s how many shots,” the man behind the camera is heard saying, adding “They lit his ass up.”

GRAPHIC: Lacey, Wash. resident records the immediate aftermath of the shooting of Portland antifa militant Michael Reinoehl. Video: Jashon Spencer

Reinoehl was a main suspect in the slaying of a conservative activist during a political rally in Portland on Saturday night, who appeared to admit his role in the shooting in an interview with Vice News earlier on Thursday. He maintained he acted in self-defense and that he had “no choice” but to shoot, however, saying he believed the victim, Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson, was a threat to himself and others.

Just minutes before the news of the fatal arrest attempt broke, US President Donald Trump tweeted: “Why aren’t the Portland Police ARRESTING the cold blooded killer of Aaron “Jay” Danielson.”

Why aren’t the Portland Police ARRESTING the cold blooded killer of Aaron “Jay” Danielson. Do your job, and do it fast. Everybody knows who this thug is. No wonder Portland is going to hell! @TheJusticeDept@FBI

Attending protests in Portland regularly, Reinoehl described himself as “100% Antifa” in social media posts, referring to a loose coalition of left-wing activists who often employ violent protest tactics against groups they deem ‘fascist.’ He had been involved in a number of other incidents in Portland, where he was arrested in July for allegedly possessing a loaded gun in public. Later that month, Reinoehl was shot in the arm after intervening in an altercation near a Portland bar.

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