the “Many people underestimate the danger of coronavirus. People, even when they directly say that I survived, still not completely believe. But I witnessed two deaths from the coronavirus”.

Get rid of coronavirus patients told the newspaper OPINION about the experience of illness and recovery – and gave advice to those who want to avoid infection.

In Russia, for the day confirmed more than nine and a half thousand new cases COVID-19, was reported Saturday in the operational headquarters for the fight against the spread of the disease. The figure looks alarming, since even before the number of new cases does not hold up to eight thousand. In total, the country registered more than 124 thousand virus-positive. However, part of the rise alarming statistics can be explained by the fact that increasing the number of tests that pass by the Russians – pass at the initiative of the authorities and at his own request.

A few Russians from among those hurt COVID-19, and who already goes on the amendment, said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW his experience.

Accountant from Nizhny Novgorod Irina Malashkevich (54) admits that a month ago, not really believed in the threat of infection.

“it Always seems – even if the virus is somewhere in there, it will not happen with us. I have all started as just a cold. A slight fever appeared, other strong symptoms was not. Well, I just asked for help, and, when the test for the virus gave a positive result, it is, of course, very scared,” says the woman. “I don’t know, actually, where he could be infected. But what I was treated and treated fairly easily – this is due to the fact that I seriously treated his ailment and went directly to doctors”, – said Irina.

Vera Zvereva (53 years) works as a accountant, but in Yoshkar-Ola. On her page “Vkontakte” has left made in March of the assumption that a coronavirus is a kind of symbolic autoimmune disease of our planet. Such arguments were then in fashion: the Terrans reminded of the need to stop, to rest, to be alone with your thoughts, and allow to clean up “our favorite places”, like Venice. The last time Faith went to your page, 3 APR. 4th, she was taken to the hospital.

“I was in the hospital with a temperature under forty. When we started treatment in the hospital, the drip, the temperature at the time was falling, but then again jumped to forty. This continued for two weeks.

14 days I spent in intensive care, I’m hooked up to a ventilator. Fought for his life,” recalls Faith now.

And it began, according to her, all relatively harmless.

“the first day of illness the temperature was 37,5. Of the medications only took paracetAmol. But the temperature grew, and soon came the idea about the coronavirus. Was, of course, not myself. Can anyone recommend at the first symptoms of the disease not to wait to go to the doctors. Yet to say that I’m fully recovered, I can’t. It’s a long way. Still I have a big weakness, has not passed the lung will be treated. I really want to live, breathe and enjoy life,” – says the woman.

“It’s a miracle that I after such a heavy back, I was lucky to be in caring hands. And close I was told: hold on. Constantly about me were paramedics, assisted me, I am very grateful to the Doctors, of course, is very hard. Work tirelessly, all the power give to patients,” emphasizes Faith.

Retired from Cherepovets Zinaida Vasilievna and Alexander Zelentsov were also among those who won COVID-19, despite the serious age. Now they are at home and feel good.

“I’m 73, had never lay in hospital under droppers. Before the illness I even laughed. Did not believe, of course, that will be sick. But it happened… My husband recently had surgery on your heart. Have put in hospital in St. Petersburg, it then closed on quarantine coronavirus, says now Zinaida Vasilievna. – After discharge the husband complained about the heat. He measured his temperature is 38.5, the pressure increased, tachycardia”.

Then his wife called an ambulance.

“Thanks to the doctors immediately took to the infectious, immediately made a sample of the virus was positive, and was transferred to managerial. I also took control and then my sample was positive. Put in the same room with her husband – so it was easier to survive, after all around. He had heavier it three times, was hooked up to a ventilator. Thanks to our doctor Yury Popov, the doctor of God, thank you nurse Sasha girls and nurses. I was in the hospital for two weeks, husband is 18 days.”

All this time the native supported Jelencovich phones in the house were ringing off the hook, she adds.

“But, of course, difficult. Especially if you know that monophosphatase are small children – three-year-old in my opinion. If not think about yourself – we say, have lived, it’s hard for me to think about children, grandchildren. You do not want them “substitute” – so they wouldn’t have us to care,” said Zelentsov.

After discharge, according to her, the housemates proved humanly not shied away, asking about health.

“I Think it will get better in the future – although it will not be the same as before. But needs to take it easy and not to endanger other people – don’t trouble trouble until quiet,” summed up retired.

Confession about a personal experience ��of aedini with the disease it is easy to find in Facebook. Sarah Nezhelskaya, CEO of the Charity Fund “Help.Org”, lives in the Moscow suburbs. She admits to friends:

“I slowly recover, the tests are getting better every day. More weakness, more, sometimes, headache and cough – therefore, not permitted to speak, not to provoke him, there is still a weak night fever and sometimes again begins to hurt the muscles. But, overall, it’s nothing compared to the terrible black hole in which I was. Worse than anything in my life was not. To be honest, I didn’t think I could survive – it was so bad,” writes Nezhelskaya.

“I pray for all the suffering, I beg that the virus is gone. And I am very worried about may holidays: the propagandists have to tell people it was the flu. That is so not the flu. Not even close,” she said, accompanying the post selfie from the hospital room.

Meanwhile, doctors and authorities are reminded that the danger for Russians is still not passed, to let our guard down yet.

“the Increase in the incidence persists, severe cases do not become less, the disease progresses, – told RIA Novosti chief doctor of the hospital in Kommunarka Denis Protsenko. Young began to hurt more, therefore more dangerous to gather in large groups – all these kebabs, company, mass celebrations. Therefore, I urge all to take seriously the situation, to postpone plans for may and not to gather with friends and relatives.”

“Many people underestimate the danger of coronavirus. People, even when they directly say that I survived, still not completely believe. But I witnessed two deaths from the coronavirus. It’s very hard. Scary when she is fighting for life and I see that it could end at any time”, adds in an interview to the newspaper VIEW Vera Zvereva.

“Now all family, all friends, and in my work I have a large circle of friends, I say: take care of yourself. Seeing how people suffer, given your experience, it was hard for me, I want to say: take precautions, stay home, don’t go anywhere. Go to the store as seldom as possible. If left: maximum use protection, wear a mask, gloves, use antiseptics, encourages patient. – Protect yourself, your loved ones and be healthy”.