The tenacity of a Storchenpaars paid off. Also the use of the fire brigade (the FT reported) was unable to prevent master Adebar and his wife from building on the roof of the castle, and a Nest. Storks are considered to be site-faithful animals and do not like to scare away.

And once again had Adebar success. Last year, the stork was allowed to couple to breed, despite all the deterrence measures. This year it should be different. They tried to sell the animals in a timely manner. But the birds were not impressed, and now the authorities are turning. The Higher nature conservation authority of the government of middle Franconia surprisingly I consented to how Monika Preinl from the field of natural – environmental and climate protection at the Duke Auracher city hall, telling.Accordingly, the storks may remain.

the thing with The hook

at the beginning of April had to amass the pair of Storks started at the West fireplace of the castle building nesting material, reminds Preinl in your press release. The city had asked for, “as it is known, and in the opinion of the government of middle Franconia”, all of the chimneys on the castle roof with a wooden structure covered and also the area between the fireplace and the roof completely closed, she said. However, the storks have found a way to start with the building of the nest. As the FT reported, they used a roof hook in order to create branches and anchor it to a base for a Horst.

the Legal basis for the deterrence measures of the city, a decision by the government in may 2018, based on expert opinion and a special protection of species-legal examination. In addition to comprehensive deterrence measures provided for in this decision has demanded according to Preinl also the immediate and complete removal of nest building materials, to avoid resettlement. The environmental protection officer’s own words: “The town of Herzogenaurach was mandatory at that decision bound and has therefore commissioned the fire Department, as well as a climber with the removal of the Astmaterialien.”

“egg binding” fears

After the storks to the Fire over the weekend, the build-up of the stork’s nest Fort, have asked the city again to Council at the Higher nature conservation authority of the government of middle Franconia.From there, the surprising statement, to let the storks grant came now.

Since oviposition usually start at the beginning of April and don’t expect would be that the storks would in time accept a new Horst substructure, it could come to be a kind of egg binding. This from the original default different approach was now more gentle, the “in fact, in the consideration of this case”, the technical evaluation of Higher nature conservation authority.

The city has met with your deterrence measures, their obligations. To be expected since it would be that the storks always start again with the building of the nest, had to removal the city continues to be the nesting material, more reported Preinl. The storks can build in spite of ongoing construction, so more of the Nest.

crash risk

however, the possibility that the Nest could fall because of the potentially unstable structure during the breeding or during the breeding season from the roof would be. This would be an added risk taking for the the town of Herzogenaurach could not be held responsible because they had failed to comply with your obligations, stated in the press release concludes.

This article was written by Bernhard Panzer

*The post “success for the master Adebar: stork couple is now allowed to be published but will be on the castle roof” of Contact with the executives here.