Subsidies for housing will be extended automatically

Typically, subsidies are provided to the residents for 6 months. But now the epidemic is the constraint in timing is removed until 1 October 2020. If from April 1 to October 1 period of the grant expires, it will be offered in the same size for the next six months in mezzavilla fine, “automatically.”

“to Turn in bodies of social protection with an application for the extension of the period of receiving subsidies or proof of income, not need,” – said the Minister of labour and social protection Anton Kotkov.

Most of the benefits will accrue without statements

Later, after giving the resident the package of documents will be carried out recalculation of the grant. If the subsidy is calculated according to the documents, is greater than that actually paid until October 1, then the difference will transfer to the recipient. If paid more than it should be according to the documents, then return the excess money paid is not necessary.

in addition, the reduced number of documents, which should provide the citizens, wishing for the first time to apply for a grant.

Photo: Alexander Astafyev / RIA Novosti alcohol Licenses and accreditation of doctors will be prolonged “automatic”

“Measures to support people with housing and communal services is very important, and we online accept all the necessary solutions to the current conditions people in need of help, can timely and fully receive, – said the head of the Ministry Vladimir Yakushev. The new document simplifies the procedure of obtaining subsidies.”

According to the Ministry, subsidies now receives more than 5 million people. In 2019, the population was compensated more than 70 billion rubles.