on Wednesday, may 6, the commemoration day of St. George, the patron Saint of Moscow. Another day of commemoration of the same Saint on 9 December, the so-called egory Winter. According to information published on the official website of the Moscow Patriarchate, the day rienna service in honor of St. George is carried out in conjunction with other services that are supposed to hold in the Light Sedmitsy. Meanwhile, the “MK” offers to remember people’s signs that accompany the day – one on may 6 are not allowed to perform.

it is considered that St George’s day may 6 is the final turn in the spring, after which begins to turn green grass, flowers bloom, and the peasants go on the summer field work. One of the people’s will reads: “This George of the seedlings of cabbage to be enough” – on this day it was recommended to plant cabbage, beets and carrots.

Another popular superstition – a ban on work in this day: “Who is George works at that wolves cattle will be cut”: it was thought that labor can have a bad service and lead eventually to losses. So the decision of the Russian President to declare days between may holidays – including may 6 – hours, has not only epidemiological, but also solid historical and folklore study.

From the school course of history we remember that St. George’s day was a special day for the serfs – only this day once a year were allowed to go from one landlord to another. However, this tradition belongs to the Egory of Winter (9 December), not the Summer. In the spring, no one would peasants have not released the Strada on the nose!

Here is the explanation: may 6 is the day of the martyrdom of St. George, who died in the year 303 of our era, and December 9 – the day of the consecration of the Church of the GreatMartyr George at Kiev in 1051. So technically it is may 6 – a more “correct” day of commemoration.

the Miraculous properties attributed to the dew that appears on the grass in the St. George’s day – it is believed that it protects from evil eye and spoilage, as well as cure ailments. So the peasant children early in the morning ran barefoot, and even rolling on the grass – well, modern city dwellers can get at least to the nearest Park or on the lawn around the house: fortunately, the may holidays this year warm.

with regard to the connection of St. George and Moscow, then it’s worth thanking the founder of the city Yuri Dolgoruky – St. George was his patron Saint, so the city’s coat of arms appeared the same as in his princely seal: a rider with a spear. According to legend, the evil snake George has struck in the Lebanese mountains near Beirut, and thereby saved the king’s daughter.

Other signs on St. George’s day:

If the cuckoo before the Nightingale hears, he will unfortunately live out the summer.

If springstions egory of food, then the autumn Nikola (19 December) winter set.

Egory frost will be buckwheat, millet and oats.

Snow in St. George’s day – for a good harvest of buckwheat, the rain to the crop.

If on holiday and a week after it is cold, autumn is expected to warm.