To stimulate the demand of the Russians for the services of a small sports centers and schools, the state may impose social certificates for various categories of the population. For example, to provide such vouchers to low-income citizens or people who need rehabilitation after diseases and injuries. This idea is now working in the state Duma Committee on support of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Conceptually approved it in the Ministry of economic development.

of the Sport requires a stable demand

Today most sectors of the economy that was finally able to open after a pandemic restrictions, has come out in the pre-crisis level. And often the figures are growing at a faster pace, noted the Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Airat Farrakhov. However, the Commission believes that it is only the effect of pent-up demand and low base (when noticeable growth due to the low starting figure), which originated in the conditions of the lockdown.

Therefore, members are not removed from the agenda the issues of supporting small and medium businesses. Something special — sports industry. “If you look at the numbers at the online checkout, in this area the increase is less than half that of other industries,” — said Ayrat Farrakhov.

In addition, he added, did not disappear objectives of population health improvement, especially in the current environment. In the framework of the national project “Demography” created two of the Federal project: “Sport is a way of life” and “Strengthening public health”. According to deputies, in its current state and without state support, the industry is not ready to fulfill the targets of these documents.

the fitness voucher

In the state Duma Committee established a working group, which focused on the problems of SMEs in the sphere of physical culture and sports. In June, the members of the working group, among whom the honoured master of sports of Russia, state Duma Deputy Irek Zinnurov, sent its proposals to support the industry to the Government for consideration. It is a concept that includes both the anti-crisis measures and support of the sports industry in the future. On 15 July the Ministry of economic development has sent to deputies your opinion, in which he expressed support for the proposed measures, but if they work with the Ministry of sports. By words of Airat Farrakhov, in fact, it has been agreed with the Ministry of sports, as representatives of agencies included in the composition of the Duma working group.

The concept (is at the disposal of the “parliamentary newspaper”) includes several specific measures. One of them envisages the creation this year of the target program on stimulation of demand for sports services at the expense of social vouchers (vouchers). Thanks to them, citizens of certain categories will be able to attend sporting events or classes in sports clubs, fitness centre,��Oh and private sports schools, and the costs would be borne by the state.

“This can be done in the form of social deductions. Or this format can be connected to rehabilitation programmes, because in many cases, it can take place with specialists and facilities that have physical recreation sector. It can be a program for the issuance of such certificates, for example, to needy citizens”, — outlined the possible options for the use of certificates Airat Farrakhov.

He said that at this stage, the legislators agree on the idea of such a program, and specific details will be worked out later.

the problems

The second important set of concepts involves the development of a separate article in the law “About development of small and medium entrepreneurship”, which will be dedicated to state support of SMEs in the sphere of physical culture and sports. According to Airat Farrakhov, such measures will come from the priorities that are set today for the sports field: the improvement and maximum involvement in the activities of citizens. “It is very important to remove all obstacles for business development in the sports field, this will be the subject of a new article in the law,” he explained.

It is very important to remove all obstacles for business development in the sports field, this will be the subject of a new article in the law According to the Deputy, among the formats can be and tax measures, and the stimulation of demand and the reduction of administrative burden. Also the entrepreneurs themselves are asked to increase their opportunities for participation in public procurement, for example, in the organization of sports events and the work of the schools.

“It’s not only anti-crisis measures, this is a job for the future. The creation of a competitive market environment in this area will allow, on the one hand, to affordable prices, and on the other hand, new employment opportunities,” — said Ayrat Farrakhov.