from 1 January 2020 in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation became available Sotspin, the draft of the social insurance Fund for parents of children with disabilities. The new system helps moms and dads the children save precious time and obtain information necessary for their children to technical means of rehabilitation (TCP). How to connect to the project and how it can help parents raising children with disabilities, found out the correspondent “MK”.

Sotspin – the chief assistant of special children

caring about the treatment of the child, many fathers and mothers just don’t have enough time to search all necessary information on the provisions of TSR for a particular disease and the timing of their receipt. To make life easier for families of disabled children, specialists of the social insurance Fund has developed a project Sotspin. In 2016, the system earned a test mode in several regions of Russia. The project immediately proved to be very relevant to parents of special children, as a result, in 2020, the system was already available in all regions.

Social personal information Navigator for children with disabilities, or abbreviated Sotspin, is a project of the social insurance Fund, which aims to inform parents of children with disabilities about eligibility for various rehabilitation equipment. After all, each disabled child requires a completely different, often an individual TCP, and the timing of their operation also differ. According to the law for confirmation of a disability and receiving a free technical means of rehabilitation necessary to pass mediko-social examination, upon which for each disabled child an individual program of rehabilitation and appointed the necessary TCP. For example, wheelchair, orthopedic shoes, dentures or other AIDS.

the Essence of Sotspin – informing the parent or guardian about the timing of providing the child with disabilities means of rehabilitation for the current year. Document drawn up on the basis of the information specified in the individual program of rehabilitation and habilitation (INRA). Each parent can choose the method by which he will report on the situation of technical means of rehabilitation for a disabled child, the date of replacement or completion of the terms of use of the existing TCP. The memo can be obtained by email or regular mail, SMS, the information can be presented orally by the employee of FSS via a landline or a mobile phone.

the Project has provided parents of disabled children information on the necessary means of rehabilitation as quickly as possible. Because TepePb parents know exactly when you need to apply for a particular TSR.

Sotspin helps parents save time to be with children and is an additional mechanism for quality control of the work of the FSS.

How to participate

– Both of my children are disabled with cerebral palsy, everyone gets some means of rehabilitation and the dates of receipt are different, – says Daria from the Nizhny Novgorod region. Project Sotspin has become for us a lifeline. After we joined the program, he has started to receive the notification that details which tool for each child I have the right to receive in the coming year. While in detail the procedure of filing and the time frame in which it should be done to get the re in time. Now we have no problems receiving means of rehabilitation, my husband and I can work with children or have a little rest. I think any parent of a disabled child would agree with me that in our situation, time is scarce, so Sotspin for us really became a lifesaver.

a Situation where a disabled child requires some means of rehabilitation, the lifetime, respectively, and replacement date of which end at different times, happen very often. Email notifications in the framework of the project go to the legal representative of each child, consisting on the account in regional branch of Fund of social insurance. Based on the obtained notification information to the representatives of a disabled child can timely apply for a security and choose the way to obtain re. You can, for example, to apply for a wheelchair in electronic form, and then pick it up at the nearest point of the results, or re arrange the delivery at home. The notice shall specify the recommended deadline. Accordingly, the social insurance Fund shall take all necessary measures to conduct the required tenders and purchases in due time. Most importantly, parents should understand that the service Sotspin has notifying character. Applicants receive information about the time frame in which you can apply for a new means of rehabilitation. But the decision about whether they should have the child during that period, of course, accept the parents. That is, the later the application is made, the later will be able to get a new TSR.

to place an order for rehabilitation services or receive compensation for products purchased on their own, to fill in the application form provided by the FSS. After that, the appeal will be processed by employees of the FSS will then be awarded compensation or arranged purchase need��wow TSR. If your re is out before the end of the period of use established by the law, and the manufacturer warranty period has expired, it is possible to address in regional branch of the FSS, a statement of his replacement. The application will be considered at the meeting of the Commission of medico-technical expertise, where they will make a decision about repairs or early replacement of equipment.

the Specialists of FSS is recommended legal representatives of the child in advance, at the stage of connection to the system Sotspin to report anthropometric data of the child, and then Refine them each year. Children grow very quickly, and many of the TSR, including corsets, prostheses, orthopedic shoes and more, are matched according to certain sizes. When all the data of the child is already in the database of the FSS, employees can quickly generate specifications for the procurement of TSR, and the procurement process will be much faster.