Seven-year-old Alexander Plushenko, the son of two-time Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko and producer Yana Rudkovskaya, turned to a former player of the national team of Russia Andrei Arshavin. Dwarf Gnomic urged the athlete to stop talking about it “shit”, and threatened to beat the “weak” Arshavin football.

Previously, the former player Petersburg “Zenith” Andrey Arshavin in interview with former teammate Alexander Kerzhakov has expressed the opinion that the boy is forced to shoot the family videos that you publish to Instagram.

In one humorous video Rudkovskaya and Plushenko depicted a scene from the movie “Titanic”, and their son was holding a Hairdryer to his mother’s hair beautifully waved at the camera.

Arshavin is said that “Ivy Rudkovskaya with a good dancer”, and their son, “the Dwarf Gnomic painful to watch” because the boy had “a face like it really under duress forced to do everything”. He also noticed that the boy was unlike the parents are not smiling.

in response Rudkovskaya published a new video with dancing and said: “I always wondered why other people’s children are concerned more than their own.” Apparently, the producer hinted at the Arshavin, who can not be called an exemplary parent. The player is not seen with his four children from a previous marriage, but only insists on the reduction of alimony.

Dwarf Gnomic also said the former player of “Zenith”: “Andrei Sergeyevich Arshavin, why do you say bad things about me?”. According to the boy, his “under pressure no one makes you do”, and constantly smiling, he is not obliged. “What am I, a fool to some? he said in a video Instagram.

Alexander also noted that can easily beat Arshavin on the field, because the former player of team Russia “weak,” and to win “one is enough tackle to do.”

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