Stepan Dzhigarkhanyan conducts quarantine in Las Vegas. Son of the famous Armen Borisovich in the US is not missing: he is engaged in gymnastics and soared in the bath. It was inspired by Anastasia Volochkova, who without bath procedures can not imagine his life. Stepan is sure that steam – the perfect cure of the dangerous coronavirus.

The house of Stepan’s own sauna no. But there is room in the mansion of his friend – “the king of gymnastics” Vitaly Scherbo. Where Stepan is quite a frequent guest.

– Vitaliy we have been friends for a long time, – says Stepan. When I learned that the sauna is an essential part of his leisure, was almost precipitated. What is sauna in Las Vegas, where the street and without the seven months of the year in a continuous bath? But then the owner got! Because he knows a lot about it. The right temperature, balanced humidity, flavors – all this makes “priests” not only pleasant but also useful exercise.

After Scherbo taught Dzhigarkhanyan to the bath, he realised why Anastasia walks into the steam room seems to work. Stepan says: Volochkova that it inspires.

We’ve partied long enough, says Dzhigarkhanyan. Involuntarily the question arose: “And it is not the right Anastasia Volochkova, which is called "storm the Russian bath attendants"? She persistently promoted treatments, attributing to them special healing properties.” Anastasia is a smart girl. It has been widely criticized, but she pays no attention to it. Probably rightly so. We came to the conclusion that in our days of struggle for survival in a pandemic, when the forefront of health care and strengthening the immune system, a bath is necessary. Inhaling deeply heated to 100 degree air, I to failure charged with vivacity, energy and good mood.

In a luxurious bath with Volochkova Stepan was not. Now it is all about the arrival in Russia can only dream of. Flights between Russia and the United States terminated due to the coronavirus. And when flights will resume, no one really can not say.


Our reference

Vitaly Scherbo – 6-time Olympic champion, 12-time world champion, 10 times European champion and the most decorated gymnast in the history of world sport. He Stepan takes private lessons in gymnastics.

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