In the Corona of a crisis applies: We stay at home only if absolutely necessary to travel by car to work or shopping. Only problem is that When we are hardly on the road, we can save the tire, also the change from Winter to summer. Or don’t you?

Otherwise, the rule is: O(October) to O(star) and winter tires. So it would be a good time, the winter tyres in the autumn of that. The rising temperatures support this approach. And yet the current Situation makes many hesitate. The Raising of the summer tires can wait until the crisis is over.

Pneuwechsel now!

Wrong, says Urs Wernli, President of the Swiss automobile trade Association (AGVS9): “It is recommended to steer clear of public transport. This means that many people are increasingly travelling by car. These vehicles must be in a condition for safe operation, the Garagist is as a professional responsibility. In our opinion also a correct tyres on one of them.”

The safe state is the decisive cue. Because Winter and summer tires differ not only in the depth of the profile, so that we can have on snow and ice for more Grip. You also have to provide a different rubber compound, which leads to a winter low and summer tires at higher temperatures, more Grip. As soon as the temperatures are in the longer term, about seven degrees, summer tyres the safer choice. So you raise a good rubber, testing of the TCS every year to match the season of Winter and summer tires.

Legal change of duty?

, However, are not mandatory in Switzerland, seasonal tires by law. Nevertheless, the car must be safe to operate. Therefore, an accident with winter tyres can lead you in the summer, nevertheless, to a fine. Furthermore, the insurance may take recourse.

But the whole change of stress is necessary at all, if it all – year or all-weather tires out there? Yes and no. Since it is a compromise, to provide such a rubber, neither in Winter nor in summer, a superb performance. Say: The Grip is poor, the braking distance will be longer. Allsaison tires recommend, especially for people who use the car only from time to time. Here’s the rule of thumb: Anyone more than 20’000 kilometres in the year should dispense with all-weather tyres better.

6 tips for Pneu-care tire pressure check Each Tire to lose air, so check monthly! Rule of thumb: rather too much than too little. 0.3 bar more than the specified wear and fuel consumption decrease. Important: In the case of a warmed-up Tires again 0.3 bar to give. the lifespan: profile depth and age by Law, apply to 1.6 mm minimum tread depth, ideal for four (winter tires) or three (summer minimum tire) mm. On the sides of the tire, the DOT number reveals the Pneualter (e.g.: 1914 = 19. Week 2014). After ten, already eight years in trade. the speed limits note For highway stages in Germany, especially in the case of winter tires as a precaution, Pneuflanke check. There, the last letter of the name suggests, how quickly hazards can be about S for 180 or H to 210 km/h. Overviews of the “speed index” is available from the Internet, for example, in the TCS. the care Who is hunting at an acute angle on the sidewalk or in the Park the edge of the stone to kiss, not caused sometimes structural damage – which can be seen from the outside. Therefore, more often visual check, make; in the case of damage the specialist trade consult. the To price Who looks for when purchasing just the money, it pays later. Even a already wicked good Tire brakes better than a new super cheap tires. On the other hand, more expensive does not mean better. We recommend Pneutests (e.g., TCS), as well as the Pneukauf in the trade. the Correct store store Without rims-standing and once-a-month continue to rotate with the rim pressure of 0.5 bar increase and horizontal stacking. Previously with chalk cover letter, where the Tire was (e.g., “VL” = left front). Cool and store in a dry place. What is the Coronavirus is?

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