Ksenia Sobchak criticized in social networks figure Tina Kandelaki – they say how you can fill a sports channel, if you weigh 70 kg?! Media Manager in debt does not remain, hinting that “with very bad skin, swollen face and bruises under the eyes” cosmetics do not advertise. Meanwhile, any dispute between two divas, nor any of their extra pounds and bags under the eyes could not be, if they knew the secret of the rapid removal of swelling of the face and swelling of the body. “MK” has found out the recipe from the experts.

According to a nutritionist and gastroenterologist Ksenia Selezneva, 3 months isolation Licinius scored the majority of us. Giving tips for the normalization of weight, the nutritionist stresses the “eternal” values: a balanced diet, physical activity, preference for vegetables and herbs.

the Expert also urged to pay attention to the orange vegetables (pumpkin, carrots) that contain carotenoids and antioxidants, very beneficial to the body. And legumes (lentils, chickpeas, mung beans), protein (fish and poultry) and complex carbs (cereals and pasta from durum cereals). All these are invaluable sources of energy for our body, but carbs are better than no network in the evening.

But it turns out that excess weight is another – hidden – side.

– If you feel puffy, but you have the signs of edema bags under the eyes, swelling of the face, swelling of the limbs, it is quite likely that your body has accumulated excess fluid, warns masseur Dinara Bekmagambetova. – Try during the week are the following foods, and after 7 days again test yourself using scales and cm. If weight and volume (as well as bags and swelling) are gone, so blame it all was just excess fluid.

Products, indispensable for the conclusion of excess fluid from the body (consumed daily during the week):

Lemon – in addition to removing excess liquid, lowers blood pressure and heals infections of the bladder.

Celery – in addition to diuretic properties, stimulates digestion, and digestion of the body spends more calories than the celery contains.

Beet – in addition to the “persecutor of water,” a generous source of antioxidants and betalain.

Ginger is a great “cleaner” not only from water but also from all the toxins, normalizes blood circulation at the same time.

Zucchini – a great diuretic effect is provided when cooking to add salt.

Parsley is a powerful source of antioxidants and a “plumber” for the body.

Oats – absorbs excess fluids and cholesterol.

the Tomato in its raw form stimulates the urinary system and serves as a prevention of cancer and infarKTA.

Cucumber – has a positive effect on the urinary tract, prevents the development of diabetes and Oncology.

Watermelon – in addition to all known diuretic effect, contains large amounts of glucose, so it should be more careful.

Carrots – in addition to the known effect of vision correction, this vegetable is famous for its diuretic properties.

Coffee and caffeinated beverages – a great diuretic effect, but not more than 2 servings in the morning.