What if in may in the Bundesliga actually is kicked out? Mind games with a strictly limited number of people, huge quantities of Corona-Tests per round – a couple of trends.

Bundesliga-football from the first weekend in may? The clubs hope so – too much is in the Corona-crisis at stake, livelihoods are threatened…

But first, outlined processes of a spirit of play: There’s a Monster-organization effort is waiting for the German football League (DFL). With strict requirements. No comparison to date, only Bundesliga-spirit game in mid-March between Gladbach and Köln (2:1), as around 600 people in the stadium were present.

Will kick-off in may, according to the “Bild” revealed DFL-Plan only 239 persons admitted. Per Team, only eight coaches, managers or Physicians pure should for example. Ball boys? Only four of them. And also the number of Press workers would be strictly regulated: 30 journalists and 64 TV people (see Box below).

20’000 Tests by the end of the season?

The virologist Alexander Kekulé designs in the “Current sports Studio” the ZDF is also a scenario of how the season could be safely completed. It is clear to him: For the players of the first two leagues in Germany, the Lockdown would have to be extended, “they would have to continue to live privately, under special conditions of safety”.

almost every round, the pros would have to be re-tested. According to Kekulés account of the “20’000 Tests, you need to finish the season would be”.

For comparison: Germany is currently per day to around 100’000 Tests, increasing value.

Kekulé asks also: “How to explain the then society that the footballers get a very special Situation, in which through the season will be clocked, but many other people outside it goes bad?” (mpe)

number of people in mind to play

4 referee

22 starting line-up player

18 replacement players

16 employees from the functional teams

4 ball boy

2 Greenkeeper

3 Doping Agency-employees

5 photographers

6 medic

10 stadium folder

36 TV people

a 20-stadium-folder

6 medic

2 firefighters

4 Federal police officers

5 technicians

8 guest team-delegates

8 home team-delegate

2 Ref-supervisor

30 journalists

28 TV people